Make Good Choices in Life

Personal Growth

Life is often based on choices. The ability to make the choice is the most prominent qualities of human being. Our mind keeps themselves engaged in calculating, comparing, distinguishing, discarding, accepting, and rejecting things to help us to make choices in life. The choice we make during the course of our life writes our life story.

It is your choices made in past are responsible for your present life and what your life going to be in the near future will depend on choice you make in the present moment. So, if you want to have an enriching and exciting life, you need to make good choices in life as well.

Most of the people believe that life is predestined. Whatever they are in the present life and what will they become in the future is already written. But the fact of matter is that if there had not been any significant value of mind ability to choose, we would not have got the power to choose at the first hand.

In life journey, everything is a choice. You have to choose between to do things or not to do things, to like or not to life, to love or not to love, to buy or not to buy, to be happy or not to be happy, to follow your dream or not to follow your dream. You have to choose one and discard another to move on with life.

Even deciding not to choose anything from different alternatives is also a choice. In some cases, people do not want to take responsibilities for their choice, but at the end they end up choosing not to make choice and become responsible for not taking decisions in that given situations.

We all have to make choices in life. Whether you like it or not, but you have to make choices at every stage of your life. Sometimes you do not feel any kind of difficulties in making choice but other times it will be very tough for you to make a choice. There are mainly two kinds of choices based on quality of alternatives.

Easy Choice

Easy choices are those choices when you do not feel any kind of difficulties in choosing things. When you find one alternative better than another, you will very easily make your choice. This kind of choices does not test the intellectual power of person or make them feel uncomfortable.

Hard Choice

Life is full of hard choices and it is these choices, which test the intellectual and emotional maturity of the person. When you face a situation in which you have to choose one from the equally good options, it becomes hard for you. That is why it is called hard choices.

In every field, there are endless options available for you. It is not easy to choose what subject to study, which career to follow, whom to marry between two different people. It is hard not because it is a big choice in life. You could even face hard choices in simple things in life as well.

Hard choices are hard because of qualities of value each option possesses. One option may look good because of some reasons, and another may look good because of other reasons but no option appears better than the other. The biggest problems with hard choices are that no matter how much you apply your reasoning and logical power; you cannot make a satisfactory choice at the end.

Hard choices are not based on the numeric values of alternatives. When you have to make a choice based on numeric value, then it becomes easy for you to choose. In case of the number, one number could be bigger, small or equal to other, and you will easily figure out which one is better or exactly the same.

Hard choices are based on quality of options which values are not known. You cannot exactly predict which options would be better than other. You cannot have the luxury to visualize the exact merits of each option in advance. Despite the fact that you cannot know the exact consequences, you have to make a choice and move on with life.

How to Make Good Choices

Disagreement, conflict and compromises are part of everyone's life. We all live in the world of own creation. It is our choices, which create our reality and we all are fully responsible for our life.

If you are not happy with your life, you need to take charge and make good choices in life for betterment. Here are few tips, which help you to make good choices in life.

Choose Not to Be Fickle-minded

In the availability of many options, most of the people become confused. They become mad in choosing and deciding anything.

However, the fact is that every option has the value to fulfill the certain desired goal. It is up to you to decide what you want and through which options you will realize your goal.

When faced with hard choices in life, you do not need to look outside, the answer lies very much within yourself. You should look inward to get the answer. How you visualize yourself in life makes the hard choices easy for you to decide.

Suppose, if you have the options to eat either sweets or boiled vegetables. You can choose sweets if you want to satisfy your taste bud, or you can choose boiled vegetables if you want to have healthy food.

Choose Not to Be in Hurry

Do not make choices in hurry otherwise you will be prone to make mistakes. If you make choices based on your immediate feeling, it might go wrong. Hence, to make good choices, it is essential to avoid the impulsive reaction. Delay your decision until you feel at ease. Calculate pros and cons of situations and make informed choices.

Choose Not to Over-think

Most of the opportunities in life get lost due to inability to take decisions at the right time. It is useful to make well-thought-out choices in life, but over-thinking makes your feel nervous even at the small choices for life.

Give yourself fixed deadlines to make choice based on significance of value attached with it and stick by it. Do not indulge in over-thinking otherwise it can cause stress, which is not good for you. Over-thinking only allows the current situations in life to continue without any progress.

Choose to Trust Yourself

Have faith in yourself and your choices. After all, it is your life, and you have to create what kind of life you wanted to have for you. No one is going to create life for you as per your wish because no one carries a magical wand with them.

It is very much useful to consult others for information and learns through their experiences, but you should go with your gut even if sometimes your decisions go wrong. Mistakes are part of learning in life; do not get upset about it. Sometimes your choice may not be good, but you will come out as a wiser person at the end and find solutions for your problems.

Choose Not to Give up

When you face failures in life, learn the requisite lessons and apply them to make your way smoother. Never ever try to give up and shift to the safest choices.

Suppose, if you have the inclination towards art but for financial security, you choose MBA. It may give satisfaction for some times, but you will always regret your choice throughout the life. If you have great love for art, then you should not give up and who knows you can get financial security and even more out of art. So, do not be a drifter in life and choose safest options.

Choose to Remain Happy

Always choose to remain happy. Happiness is a choice not a condition. The sooner you realize it, the better it would be for you.

To conclude, your life reflects your choices and with dedication and motivation, you can be anything you choose. So, if you want to fill your life with joy and live each moment fully, make, always make good choices in life.