Stay Objective to Enjoy Life

Personal Growth

Objectivity is the key to enjoyment in life but to stay objective is a daunting task for almost everyone in this world. There are so many tempting objects and situations with contrasting dual state in this constant changing world that not only grab the attention of people but also make them attached to it, and people create their own identity out of it. And attachment to the objects and situations makes the person vulnerable to suffering because the object, and the situations are bound to change in this constant changing world.

Adverse conditions are an inevitable part of life, but suffering is a choice. No one is immune to pain throughout the life time. Everyone faces difficulties in life, but it is the choice of a person to suffer or rise above them. Sometimes life seems to be fair and other times it appears unfair. The person who is able to take the challenges of life in their stride comes out as a winner and enjoys life in every condition.


Being self-reliant is essential to get freedom from the adverse effects of constantly changing, unpredictable world. As long as you are dependent on the external objects of the unpredictable and changing world for your happiness, you will be bound to experience and suffer sadness in life as well. Happiness is not constant; it is subject to change in its contrasting duel state, which is called sadness.

A person cannot stay happy in their normal state of mind at the loss of their loved one. It is foolish to expect from anyone to remain happy in a heart-rending moment of life no matter how much spiritually accomplished the person is. However, it is very much expected from a person to maintain their peace of mind if they understand the impermanence of this world, where nothing is going to stay forever.

Sometimes, when a person used to be dependent on their loved one or any other external object that they have lost, their sadness gets multiplied. This is the matter of losing comfort and identity in life for them and getting over it becomes a very difficult task for them despite knowing the facts that nothing is permanent in this word. So it is very much essential to be self-reliant so that you can tackle the challenges of life boldly and maintain peace of mind during the trial and tribulations of life.


The ultimate goal of human being is to attain peace of mind. Unlike happiness which has sadness as a duel state, peace of mind is a constant state of being that does not get changed in this constant changing world. The dilemma of life is that everyone wants to enjoy life, but the enjoyment has been already lost in the complexities of life. Life is meant to be simple, but almost everyone makes it complex for them.

People no longer visualize the sense of enjoyment in the simple moment of life; such as the site-seeing, watching kids play, connecting with new people and of the same. In fact, now a day it has become so normal for people to get engrossed with the outside world for money, costly and luxurious products to show off their power that almost everyone has forgotten to keep peace within them.

Peace of mind is the most precious jewel of life, but it comes to those who learn to stay objective and enjoy life. Staying objective is the ability to see and accept the facts of life without the dilution of opinions into it. The person who stays objective, visualize the situations as they are and handle them as they can be tackled without mixing their own likes and dislikes into their approach.

Hence, the objective of life is to maintain peace of mind, and this is the secret of enjoyment. To stay objective is to refrain from expectation, biased opinion, likes or dislikes, extreme happiness or sadness, and negative emotions of life, etc. Once you start to stay objective, you no longer be afraid by the constant changing unpredictable world. You accept and enjoy life as it is in every moment and does not hamper your effort to make life a little bit better for yourself. So, you should learn to stay objective because it is the secret of enjoyment.