Ways to Find Spiritual Freedom

Personal Growth

Spiritual freedom is the freedom to explore our inner self and be who we really are. It is the ability to make choices without being influenced by others or the compulsions of being in a particular society. Spiritual freedom is a real freedom in a true sense because it is to do with the human spirit, and it illuminates the path of the person who seeks spiritual freedom.

The purpose to seek our spiritual freedom is to have a blissful life even in the trial and tribulations of life. Although spiritual freedom is the most sought-after desire, but are we really free to be, who we actually are? For most of the people, the answer is no. They do not think that they are at liberty to follow their own instinct and be what they actually are. Most of the time, they do things in an effort to please others, to be accepted and at the same time they pretend to be what they actually are not.

To experience spiritual freedom, you need to explore, love, and enjoy life happily. It requires freedom from the regrets of past, future worry and all other external pressure. But in reality, we are domesticated by certain beliefs, faith, and dogmas; prevailing in our specific society and that prevents us to enjoy the bliss of spiritual freedom. If you want to find your spiritual freedom, you must get over the shackles that are coming in your way to be aware about your true nature and be who you really are.

The spiritual journey is a personalized journey. The spiritual experience of any other persons cannot be exactly the same are yours are. You can take the guidance from other person, but you have to walk on the spiritual path all alone to experience the truth for yourself. You need to be aware of self-limiting; fear based beliefs that are hampering your spiritual growth and re-program your mind with the thought of exploring your true nature and following your own instinct to enjoy spiritual freedom in a true sense.

Spiritual freedom is not possible without the love for life itself. Love is the potent force in life that has the capabilities to attract the favorable conditions which help you to enjoy the bliss of true spiritual freedom. It is your self-love that motivates you to find spiritual freedom and make advancement on the spiritual path to have a happy and enriching life. Although spiritual freedom is a completely personal matter, there are some ways, which will help you at initial stage to take steps to find your spiritual freedom in life. The ways are as follows:


The external restriction is the biggest barrier to spiritual freedom. You grow up in a society which carries a certain set of to do and not to do rules, based on beliefs and values associated with the society. Whether it helps you to find spiritual freedom or not, but you keep on following it unconsciously as you are conditioned to it.

If you think that the external restrictions are keeping you away from the experience of spiritual freedom, then you need to get rid of it. Getting rid of external restrictions is not an easy task. You have to even fight with your conditioned mind, which does not feel comfortable to accept anything new in life.

However, the reward to get rid of external restrictions is worthy enough for you that you must give it a try. The moment you shed one external restriction; you will feel getting relieved from some burden, and at the same time you come close to the experience of enjoying spiritual freedom, which are the ultimate source of joy. You start to find way out to get rid of all external restrictions smoothly and early to be a totally relieved man.


There is no point in carrying the regrets from the past because it is already gone. The opportunity to make your life enriching is lying with you in the present moment. Do not waste your time worrying about what other people are thinking about you because of your past actions, they can change their mind the moment you bring changes in your life.


Most of the people tend to feel uneasy and worry about the future even though they know future is just an illusion in the present moment, and that prohibits them to understand and get enriched by the power of now. If you want to experience the spiritual freedom, you should get over the fear, insecurities, doubts, and worry associated with the future.


Present is the most important moment of life. You live your life in the present moment, and all the actions and reactions happen only in the present moment. To be in the present moments by dedicating your full attention to it is essential to find spiritual freedom. The power of present moment has profound effects on life. Even though the circumstances do not appear good at all, and you are worried, helpless and afraid for you, you will find silver lining by dedicating your attention to present moment and relishing the opportunities it has in store for you.


Your intuition is the true companion on the path of your spiritual journey. It is your intuition, which guides you to find the truth for yourself. Once you will be aware of your true nature and what you want from your life; you will make your choice with complete authority, and that leads you to experience the joy of having complete spiritual freedom.

Hence, in order to find your spiritual freedom you need to follow your own instinct without feeling the pressure of any external influences or compulsions. It is your life and you have to get over your fear, insecurities, doubts and worries to walk on the spiritual path which explores your inner self to make your life truly contented and enriching. Spiritual freedom is not an easy task, but everyone has the capabilities to realize it if they have the courage to walk through the dark tunnel all alone. So take a step now to find your spiritual freedom to experience the bliss of life.