Avoid Self Help Fatigue

Personal Growth

The connotation behind the self help is to create the better version of self through personal development to attract health, wealth, and happiness. Most of the people consider personal development as an important goal to become complete, happy, and content human being. However, over expectation of unrealistic goal is a certain way to attract disappointment and that in turn set in self help fatigue.

While going through tough phases of life, most of the people turn to the nuggets of self help wisdom in search of quick fix answers to their problems. The concept of self help is designed to encourage, motivate, guide, and lift self-confidence of people. In fact, most of the people get benefited through self help but it may not work well for everyone and is also may not be appropriate for each and every situation.

Although it is the well-known fact that smiling generates positive thoughts, boost productivity, and in fact, it does so at a certain level but faking happiness for a long period of time due to social compulsion or professional pressure can backfire. Sometimes the pressure or compulsion to be happy can really make you sad, have an adverse impact on health, and in short sets in self help fatigue.

As the idea of self help meant to create healthy, wealthy, and happy life so you need to make sure if it is really delivering all that it is meant for otherwise you will get trapped in self help fatigue. Here are some tips that can help you to avoid self help fatigue:

Hope For The Best But Expect Less

The hard fact of life is that it does not go according to plan. You can never know the nightmare that awaits you in life. Twists and turns in life are so unexpected that make you feel cheated. When there are higher expectations, the greater chance of disappointment in life. That is why it is very easy to get indulged in self-pity when the outcome does not match with the expectations.

However, even if uncertainty in life is constant, but it does not mean that you should become inactive. The good thing about life is that it always gives you something. Sometimes it gives you challenges to strengthen yourself and other times it fulfills your desire to enjoy. So the trick to avoid self help fatigue is to hope for best but expects less.

Work Hard With Integrity

Self help technique is not a magic pill, that can deliver everything you desire at the drop of a hat. To be the best version of self or achieve the worthy goal in life, you should not only need to be attuned with the positive mantra but also be ready to put in hard work with integrity over the period of time.

In life, nothing big comes without a price. To achieve big goals of life, you have to leave your comfort zone and take up challenges. That is why, to be the best version of self or to achieve anything extraordinary takes sweet, determination, and hard work. So to avoid self help fatigue to set in, you should be open to work hard with integrity.

To conclude, there is nothing wrong in the concept of self help, the problem only starts when the expectations are too high and the willingness to put in effort and time are too low. That is why, if you want to avoid self help fatigue, you need to lower your expectations and be open to work hard which in turn leads you to be a better version of self and turn your dream into reality.