Be Generous To Others

Personal Growth

We, human beings are physically separated but our inbuilt ability to sense each other's pleasure or pain connects us on the physical level. To make this point clearer, mothers are the perfect example because of their ability to sense the need of their babies simply by their cry, which are the only one way of expression for each and every need for them. The ability to sense the feelings of others not only essential for surviving of human race, but it also reduces the suffering and promotes well-being by being generous to each other. So it is worthwhile to include the habit of being generous to others for the greatest good of humanity at large.

To be generous to others is all about being ready to give freely that are valuable to others, be it tangible or intangible. Generosity in a true sense, is not about giving anything to someone just for the sake of giving but offering the gift that is required by other people. If you offer the gift to someone, which is not required at all or the person already has in abundance, then the value of giving will be lost in midway. So it is very much essential to sense what other people want or need, and if you think, you are capable of, then you should give them. Generosity is not always about material things. The moral support for the person who is having hard time is the greatest gift you can possibly offer to them.

The need for being generous to others arises due to the fact that based on our social background, educational qualifications, and interest, we all posed different assets or capabilities, which could make other people life better. Above all, the act of generosity has the potential to connect people with each other and that in turn promote harmony in the surroundings. It does not matter how much capable you are; you cannot always tackle the ups and downs of life all alone. Somewhere at the course of your life, you need help from other people either to get over the troubled phase of your life or make progress in life. So why not be generous to others when you are capable of doing so and make a deep bond with people in your surrounding to encourage the act of generosity.

The practice of generosity is rewarding for both; the giver as well as the receiver. By being generous to others, you not only ease the life of other people and promote their happiness, but you also increase your own sense of worthiness, which are crucial for everlasting happiness. However, even if the reward of generosity goes in both directions, you should not be generous to others by having any kind of expectations out of it otherwise you act of generosity become a medium of trade and attract frustration in your life. Generosity is meant to discard the unwanted baggage of negativity by positively connecting to others and humanity at large so that you can enjoy the journey of life by traveling light and at the same time having abundance mentality. That is why, be generous to others to have a sense of purpose in life and to let the humanity prevails.