Be Happy Now

Personal Growth

Putting off happiness until the accomplishment of certain goal is not wise because time never stands still and with the changes of times, your desired gets changed and that in turn it propels you to strive for even more and keep on postponing your happiness. Although there is no harm in putting in effort to turn your dream into reality but the problem only starts when you postpone your happiness. Because you cannot go back in the past and relive your life again. Once the present moment gone, it will be gone forever. So you shall learn to be happy now.

Life is short in comparison to our abundance of desires that need to be achieved, and at the same time it is also unpredictable. So there is no guarantee that after the realization of certain goal in your life, you would be happy forever and make up for the lost present moment. On the other hand, if you learn to be happy in the present moment, it would create circumstances in your favor to realize your goal and increase your happiness level in the future.

Happiness is not conditional and a distant dream. It is a state of mind that comes from within. You can still be happy now while putting in efforts to turn your dream into reality because life is best enjoyed in its journey not at a particular destination. Here are few tips that may help you to be happy now:

Be Grateful

Being grateful is the most powerful state of mind that promotes happiness. For being happy, it is not what you lack in life but what you have matters the most. If you practice gratitude on a daily basis, it will change your negative mindset to a positive one. So to be happy, you should learn to be grateful for what you have no matter how much trivial it is rather than being worried about what you do not have.

Follow You Passion

In the journey of life, a sense of fulfillment comes when you follow your passion. If you do the things that excite you the most, you get no time to worry about meaningless things or feel boredom and that in turn improve your level of the happiness manifold. That is why, it is essential to follow your hobbies, careers that excite you the most to live your life happily.

Enjoy The Present Moment

Life is a series of experiences that are cherished in a present moment. If you are not happy in the present moment, the sum total of happily lived life would be little less. There is no doubt that, sometimes the circumstances would be not favorable to be happy but that moments are exceptional in life. If you do not create unhappy moment by being worried about past or being anxious about the future, the share of happy moment will be always more than the unhappy one. So live in the present moment to increase your happiness quotient.

Be Kind

Being kind to others creates a favorable condition for happiness. You cannot live an unhappy life by being kind to others. When you offer something or provide moral support to someone, it will not only make the beneficiary happy but you as well. By being kind to others, you will develop meaningful relationship. It is the people in the close relationship who stand by your side in the ups and downs of life to help you to overcome suffering smoothly and increases your level of happiness.

To conclude, the ultimate aim for life is to be happy and to spread happiness in your surroundings. Do not take life guaranteed in false assumptions that there is still time. Time never waits for anyone, and that is why it is the happiness in the present moment that defines how much happily you have lived your life. So do not postpone your happiness, be happy now to create your life worthwhile to live.