Be Original

Personal Growth

Life is too short to be a version of someone else. In the age of fast-paced life, almost everyone is in hurry to realize some goal in order to update their status on social media or to feed their instant gratification. Often in hurry, most of the people try to copy the lifestyle of their ideal person and end up living a fake life.

However, by living a fake life, no one has ever stood out and makes their presence felt. So if you do not want to live a mediocre life, you have to be original. It is your originality that helps you to stand out in crowd and be the one in billion who lead a happy and successful life.

To be original, you have to control your temptation for instant gratification that propels you to compromise on your originality. The biggest advantage of being original is that it always gets recognized and valued no matter what your professions are. Here are few tips that help you to be original:

Respect Your Uniqueness

Every human being is unique in their own way. No two person can have exactly the same background, experience in life even though they look like the same. So invest time to find the things that are unique to you and respect them. It is your uniqueness that defines who are you as a person, in reality, and help you to stand out in the crowd.

Be Creative

Original person are trail-blazer. They do not follow the beaten path. They create their own path by walking on it to be successful in the true sense. So take the risk in order to realize what drives you the most instead of seeking social and financial security by living a mediocre life as per the norms set by the society.

Express Yourself Confidently

Having different life experiences and personality enable you to see things from different point of view and that in turn help you to have unique ideas or opinion. Although most of the people live validation of their opinion from others, but they do still value original ideas even if that are different. So instead of following herd mentality, you should express yourself confidently and respectfully.

Hence, it is human to be original. You are born as a unique person; not a copy of someone else. So do not try either to fix some body part to look like someone you admire or copy the character of your ideal person. To a certain extent, getting inspiration from others is right but trying to copy them is not going to help you in the long run of life, and it also degrades your self-esteem. Always keep in mind, no one is going to live their lives for you; it is only you who can justify with your unique qualities. So be original with dignity to live a happy and successful life.