Do Deserve To Live A Happy Life

Personal Growth

It has been rightly said that the ultimate goal of life is happiness. It is not the power, fame or money, but how happily you have lived matter the most in the end. Although life is full of unexpected twist and turns but the responsibility to live a happy life always rests on you; not on the circumstances or people around you. So to do deserve to live a happy life, you need to take full responsibility towards your own happiness.

Respond Positively

Do not get trapped in negativity and let even the trivial matter of life such as minor irritation, small misfortune, delayed gratification or bad weathers make you feel unhappy.

The situation in your life may not be always as per your expectations, but the choice of how to respond is always in your control. So you should take responsibility to make sure you responded positively in any give situations to live a happy life.

Choose Happiness

In our modern society, to be driven by the craving for power, fame and money are highly regarded and because of that, most of the people tend to devalue happiness. Often people choose a well-paid job as compared to be a straggler in the field that makes them live a happy life later on.

There is nothing wrong in power, fame or money but that should come from the profession you like the most; not at he cost of your happiness. So to do deserve to live a happy life, you should choose happiness over the immediate gain of power, fame or money while making major decisions about your life.

Be Happy At This Moment

Life is a series of experiences felt from moment to moment during the course of life and how you live the present moment defines the quality into your life. To lead a happy life, you need to make sure that you have lived each passing moment of life happily.

If you are not happy about this very moment, how you can guarantee and expect to live happily in the future. Happiness is a matter of choice that seeks no reasons. And once you learn to be happy about this very moment, you start to attract joyful experiences from your life. So be happy at the moment to live a happy life thereafter.

Finally, to do deserve to live a happy life, you need to take full responsibility and make sure you respond to situations positively. Do not let the power, fame or money deters you from happiness. As life always unfolds itself in present moment, so be happy with this very moment to be happy forever.