Focus On Micro Experiences To Enjoy Life To Full Capacity

Personal Growth

The ultimate dignity in life is to be engaged in meaningful activities for accomplishment of challenging goal that gives direction and destination to life. The goal that defines the life is often the big one and the experience of enjoying its accomplishment is the macro experience of life.

However, big goal does not get accomplished overnight and postponing the enjoyment until its realization takes away the excitement from the life. There is no problem with bigger goals of life, but the problem is in the approach towards it. To experience the joy of realizing the bigger goal, you need to focus on micro experiences on the way that leads to the accomplishment of bigger goal.

Life is in the present moment and so is the enjoyment of it; you cannot go back in the past or move in the future to live and enjoy the life. So it is very much essential to focus on the micro experiences lying in the present moment to enjoy life to full capacity.

Life is better defined as a series of experiences, and it is the micro experiences of life that ultimately leads towards macro experiences. So if you want to live and enjoy life to the fullest, you need to focus on micro experiences to get the best out of it. Here are few ideas that may help you to focus on micro experiences to enjoy life to the fullest.


The idea behind living small is to declutter by simplifying your life and to take a small step for big accomplishment. Being go-getter, multitasker and leading a life of desperation even at the cost of overall happiness are highly appreciated in the modern society. The craving for power, fame, and money has created a culture of desiring more than one need and hoard as much as possible.

However, the habit of striving for more than one need distracts people from their ultimate purpose of life; that is living life happily. The good news is that nowadays people start realizing the disadvantage of excess in life and because of that a culture of micro living has already started.

The demand of micro apartment, micro travel, micro cuisine, micro workout, micro spirituality and of the same is on the rise, and this is a clear indication that now people want to unburden themselves with the extra pressure of unwanted hoarding. So once you start living small, you reduce the distraction that deters you from keeping your focus on micro experiences to enjoy life to full capacity.


Having a purpose gives life a direction and destination. However, it is not the destination in itself but the journey towards it makes the life worthwhile to live. The micro experiences on the way to the journey of life define how well you have lived your life. That is why to live life to the fullest you should learn to enjoy the micro experiences of life.

The best and most appropriate way to enjoy the micro experiences of life is to be totally involved in moment. You cannot respond to the situations appropriately if your mind is wandering here and there. On the other hand, if you dedicate your focus on one thing at the moment, you can easily figure out how to respond to the situations in an appropriate way so that you can walk on the journey of life joyfully. That is why, to focus on the micro experiences to enjoy life to full capacity, you should be totally involved in the moment.

To conclude, there is an interlinked connection between the experiences in journey of life. One experience leads to another one. As the experience of present moment will lead you to next in the future, so how much better, you are enjoying the experiences of present moment will set the tone for next one and overall experiences at large. So it is wise to focus on micro experiences at the moment to enjoy life to its full capacity.