Live A Contented Life

Personal Growth

The secret of true happiness lies in being content. Almost everyone wants to remain happy but in the pursuit of happiness, they forget that the fountain of happiness lies within themselves. Happiness is not something that resides at a particular destination or in the material possessions. All that one need to be happy is already with them. So if you want to stay happy, you need to learn to live a contented life.

Living a contented life does not mean that you should settle for less in the world with no ambition to work towards betterment of your life. But in reality, living a contented life is all about not delaying your happiness till the realization of your goal or reaching a particular destination. You should go for the material possession or professional success to maximize your level of happiness but with detached attitude and make sure you are happy at the moment.

Detachment is a crucial aspect of living a contented life. The material possession, bank balances are the tangible property in life but happiness by its very nature is intangible. There is no doubt that money and material possessions can help you to take care of mundane things in life so that your mind does not get distracted. However, the money and material possessions are not an end itself to provide everlasting happiness; it is a means to end for maximizing the level of happiness. So you should not have an attachment to money or material possessions for living a contented life.

Most of the people have a mindset to compare themselves with others in terms of material possessions, power of positions, or bank balance and often remain vulnerable to getting depressed. The mindset to compare one selves to others is a never-ending cycle. You will always find someone better than yourselves in certain aspects of life. That is why to live a contented life, you should not be sad about what is missing in your life but be thankful for what you have and never ever get engaged in comparing yourself with others.

Finally, the ultimate aim of life is to be happy and spread happiness in life of the other people. Waiting for the happiness till the realization of your desired goal or possession of the most cherished object is never going to end. The fact is that with the passing of time, your goal post keeps on shifting higher with the passing of time. If you are not happy about this very moment, there is no guarantee that you will be happy in near future. So to fill your life with happiness, you should learn to live a contented life.