Live In The Moment To Overcome Stress

Personal Growth

Stress is the very common problem in the life of human being. Almost everyone suffers from stress sooner or later, and stress gets even more complicated with the sporadic ups and downs of life. When the life does not turn out to be the same as wished, then most of the people tend to feel stressed. Financial insecurity, failure, job loss, or breaking up of relationships is the most common reasons for the stress and so that need to be dealt appropriately for overcoming stress.

Often stress occurs due to over thinking. If you keep on recalling past mistakes, failure, regrets, etc. and be worried about the future, you are bound to get stressed. On the other hand, if you keep your focus entirely dedicated in the present moment, you will enjoy your life optimally and remain almost free from the stress. So if you want to overcome stress in life, you need to live in the moment.

To live in the moment is to live consciously, to fully experience the oneself and own surroundings without any kind of distractive thoughts from past or future. There is no point in worrying about the past and also being anxious about the future. Over-thinking about past or future is a just going to drain your level of energy and prohibit you from living in a moment and that in turn make you stressed.

To overcome stress, you need to stop worrying about the past or being anxious about the future. The fact of life is that it is uncertain by its very nature. No matter how much hard you try; you cannot eliminate the uncertainty from your life because it is not possible as no one has ever succeeded in controlling the uncertainty of life. That is why, if you cannot control the uncertainty, then what is the use of over thinking and being stress bout it.

So, whenever you realize that your mind is wondering in the past or future instead of being the moment, you first need to relax it by the practice of deep breathing and then redirect your focus towards present moment. By living in the present moment, you would be able to handle the present situations appropriately and that would pave the way for the brighter future. Once you understand the futility of over thinking about the past or future, it would be easy for you to live in the moment.

Hence, life is so short and there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to make the life meaningful. So do not spoil your present moment by being worried about past or being anxious about the future. The use of past moment is only to learn the required lessons so that the mistakes do not get repeated further and future is only for giving directions to life. So live in the moment to overcome stress and make your life happy and enriching.