Maintain Your Individuality In A Relationship

Personal Growth

Relationships are integral part of our "human being" lives. It is the relationship that connects us together to define our true nature of being a social animal. But the negative aspect of relationship is that it often defines our quality of lives and moral values in uni-some. However, there is more to life than being in a relationship alone.

There is no denying fact that it is our relationship that multiplies our happiness but for the multiplication of happiness, we as an individual need to be happy by ourselves at first. So maintaining our individuality in a relationship is crucial to our happiness and the success of our relationship.

It is very much normal for most of the people to lose their own individuality in a relationship. To fulfill the demand of being in a relationship they shift their focus completely from "me" to "we" and very soon start missing who they are as an individual. They lost their own identity, self-worth, self-esteem, which is not good for them and their relationship as well.

So if you do not think that you have your personal identity out of your relationship, you need to work on and maintain your individuality. Here are some ways that can help you to maintain your individuality in a relationship:

Love Yourself

Loving yourself are the secret to having healthy relationship. By loving yourself, you work on your self-esteem and lead a purposeful life. The fact is that if you cannot love yourself, there is no way you can love your partner. So loving yourself not only help you to maintain your individuality in a relationship but also enable you to have a successful relationship by adding more values in it.

Give Space

To make the relationship successful both partner need to act as one but should not have the feeling of being crushed by one another and be able to maintain certain privacy, which is not harmful to their relationship. Moreover, by giving space to your partner, you will not feel guilty about having "me" time for your personal growth. So to enjoy a happy and healthy relationship it is essential to give space and allow your partner to grow to completeness as an individual.

Hence maintaining your individuality in a relationship is not only beneficial for your own self-esteem and level of happiness, but it also helps you to add more value to your relationship. So learn to maintain your individuality in a relationship to have a sense of self-worth and make your relationship healthy.