Stop Being A Victim To Deserve Respect

Personal Growth

The only consolation prize you get for being a victim is the sympathy of near and dear ones; that sympathy by its very nature is not long lasting. People have their own share of trouble to deal with, and the ultimate fact of life is that no one likes to have a company of a person with victim mentality for long time because of its adverse effect on other people.

On the other hand, if you take charge of your life and stop being a victim, you emit positive energy around yourself not only to attract favorable circumstances but command respect as well and because of that the world treat you with respect. So if you want to deserve respect, then it is a very much wise decision you take to stop being a victim.

Most of the people remain in an illusion that they can thrive on the sympathy from other people and lead a happy life. But in reality, a person with victim mentality often gets bullied, and other people use them for their own benefits as due to victim mentality, they are not able to take responsibility for their lives.

So "the poor me" attitude is not going to serve you anything worthwhile in life. If you want to make your life enriching and command respect, you should stop being a victim. Here are few tips that can help you to stop being a victim to deserve respect in your surroundings:

Get Tough To Take Responsibility

Life is a complex phenomenon. There is a challenge at every stage of life. In fact, it is the challenges that make life tough. So to face the challenges of life and make it worthwhile to live, you do not have another option but to get tough to take responsibility of your life.

Most of the people do not take responsibility for their lives because they feel powerless and low-confidence in the face of challenges. That is why, they are always on the look out for whom or what circumstances to blame for their misfortune. It is this kind of people who create and empower their victim mentality.

The biggest disadvantage of a person with victim mentality is that their hurt is not going to stop anywhere soon because they will be often hit hard by the challenges throughout their lives. So it would be a wise decision to get tough to take responsibility of your life and face the challenges boldly to come out as a winner in a respectful manner.

Once you get tough to take responsibility of your life, you will always find a solution to get over the challenges life throws on you. There will be no challenges that can deter you from enjoying the life, and you will find it foolish to blame others or circumstances for bad things that happen in your life. It is your decision to take responsibility and face challenges boldly will automatically make you tough.

Be Grateful

Thoughts are very powerful; it has the potential to make or mar the lives. By changing your perception about life, you can make your life better. The root cause of victim mentality is the lack of self-confidence to face the challenges of life. Your low confidence could be the result of your love for being in a comfortable zone and keeping your focus entirely on what you lack in life when life throws challenges in front of you.

The best way to counter the low self-esteem is making an effort to change your perception and start counting your blessings for being grateful in life. If you closely visualize, there is much to be grateful for in your life. Even the challenges of life always come with some hidden opportunity that can make your life better. So develop an attitude to be grateful in the tough phase of your life to lighten up the situation so that you can channelize your energy to face the challenges head-on instead of being a victim and leading a miserable life.

Hence you should always keep in mind that there is no dignity in living on charity based on someone grace of sympathy. People always respect the person who is powerful enough to take responsibility of their lives for their own benefits and society at large. So to deserve respect, you should stop being a victim.