The Secret To Increase The Happiness Quotient

Personal Growth

The idea of happiness is different for everyone and so is the secret to remain happy. That is why it is the seeker who is the right person to find out the answer to their own questions of how to remain happy. For some people, happiness means acquiring more money and for some other people being with their loved one is the source of happiness.

However, the pursuit of happiness is not an easy task. The external source of happiness is not long lasting by its very nature due to the occurrence of constant changes in the outer world. The true happiness does not reside in the external world, but it is a matter of the internal world which needs to be discovered.

If you are not happy by yourself, there are no material object, bank balance, power, fame or other people that can make you happy. So to discover happiness you need to divert your attention from the outer world to the inner world rather than keeping yourself engaged to search it outside.

Once you discover happiness inside you and are able to maintain the happy state of mind, you can make an effort to increase the level of your happiness quotient manifold. Although the pursuit of happiness is the personal matter, here are some secrets that can help you to increase your happiness quotient:

Cultivate Acceptance

The situation in your life is not in your control, but your reactions towards them are. No doubt the unpleasant situations can make you sad, angry, but it would be a futile attempt to try to change the situations which are not in your control. So when you cannot change the situations, it would be wise to cultivate a habit to accept the situations as they are. By cultivating the habit of acceptance, you prevent yourself from the extra burden of disappointment, frustration, anger, and sadness. The good thing about acceptance is that it neutralizes the experience of unpleasant situations and increases your level of happiness.

Be Determined To Stay Happy

Happiness is a state of mind, and it is your determination to stay in happy help you to maintain a happy state of mind. Happiness is a personal choice not a chance dependent on people or situations. Your happy state of mind cannot be altered by people or unpleasant situations unless you allow them to do so. If you are determined to stay happy even in the challenging phase of your life, you can figure out an appropriate way to respond to the situations and at the same time discover the reasons to stay happy. So to enjoy everlasting happiness is life, be determined to stay happy.

Preserve Your Faith

It is very much natural to feel tensed or worried when you have to face the challenges of life. But if you are able to preserve your faith in face of challenges, it will come to your rescue and help you to stay happy. Your faith can enable you to see the silver lining in the difficulties and motivate you to discover new opportunity to have a happy and enriching life. So to get over the challenges of life smoothly and raise your happiness quotient, you need to preserve your faith in tough phase of your life.

Reap The Benefits Of Sharing

The secret to increase the happiness quotient is about sharing it with others. By sharing your happiness with others you strengthen the bond of your relationship and that in turn increases the level of your happiness quotient. Having a healthy relationship with near and dear one is very much essential for happiness because relationship not only provides social security but emotional support as well in time of need. So it is your capacity to create and share happiness that decides the level of your happiness quotient. That is why if you want to increase your level of the happiness quotient, you need to reap the benefits of sharing.

Finally, happiness is not a destination; it does not exist at particular destination. Happiness needs to be created and increased on the way of the journey of life. The secret to increase the happiness quotient is not only in obtaining but also in sharing. The onus to increase the happiness quotient is on you, and the secret is longer a secret for you so what are you waiting for. It is your birthright to have a happy life, and it is you who are responsible for your happiness. So do not hold yourself back from enjoying a happy life. Make an effort not only to create but increase your happiness quotient.