Avoid Hypocrisy

Personal Growth

Hypocrisy is the act of pretending to have the qualities or characteristics that one really does not have. Even though hypocrisy is not good for human being, most of the people do indulge in it. There is no joy in pretending to be someone you are not in reality. Often a hypocrite suffers from tremendous stress in order to hide their true nature and shows different version of self. So if you want to keep the stress level low and live a natural life, you should avoid hypocrisy.

Generally, most of the people turn to be a hypocrite because of their desire to project themselves as a better person. When it comes to impress or please others, you tend to justify their act of hypocrisy. They do not see any harm in hypocrisy to avoid the fear of rejection, disrespect from others even if it cost their mental peace. However, hypocrisy is not good for overall personal development and gaining the trust of others in the long run of life.

Hypocrisy is bad in a sense that it does not allow a person to live a truly contented life. When you behave like a hypocrite, your inside and outside does not match with each other. Hypocrisy does not allow you to be natural and you have to be in tremendous stress to maintain your different faces; the real one and the fake one. When you keep on behaving like a hypocrite constantly, it makes you a split personality and that in turn hamper your personal growth in life.

Hence to grow confidently in life, you should make sure that your words and deeds resemble to each other. The right approach to avoid hypocrisy is not to get to indulge in getting the respect of others by pretending to be a different person which you are not in reality. Be yourself and act accordingly. The person who matter in your life loves you for your true nature not fake one. So avoid hypocrisy to get rid of extra bundle of stress and living a truly contented life.