Do Not Get Distressed By Suffering Of Other People

Personal Growth

The trek of life is full of ups and downs and to make your life an adventurous journey; you have to travel light. If you keep on collecting more and more emotional baggage in the course of your life, your journey is bound to become burdensome. That is why, you should make a conscious effort to reduce the burden of emotional baggage on a daily basis to enjoy the journey of your life.

It is good to be moved by the suffering of others, but it does not mean that you get distressed to a level that makes your journey of life burdensome.You cannot live in an isolated place for the longer period of time to reduce your emotional burden. You do not have other options while being in this world, but to make yourself emotionally strong.

It is very much natural for human being to empathize with others. Empathy is, in reality, very much important to understand the feelings of others but the drawback is that due to our empathetic nature, the suffering of others carries the danger of emotional burnout. That is why, you have to protect yourself from the worse effect of your empathetic nature so that you can move forward in life and at the same time be valuable for others as well.

Problems are inevitable part of everyone's life. If the suffering of others affects you to a level that increases your negative emotions, how will you handle your own problems. Everyone sooner or later has to bear the pain of their own share of suffering, and no one can eliminate it for them. The other people only help them to overcome suffering smoothly and early by providing valuable suggestions and resources only if they do not get distressed by their suffering.

Hence, if you do not want to get distressed by the suffering of another peoples, you should turn your empathy into compassion. By the virtue of compassion, you can help your near and dear ones in time of their suffering and at the same time save yourself from getting distressed. By getting distressed by suffering of others, you do not only harm yourself but also do not feel competent to provide any valuable input to relieve the pain of other people suffering. So to move forward in life and make positive changes in life of others, you should make an effort not to get distressed by the suffering of other people.