How To Get Over Guilt

Personal Growth

Guilt is a very common feeling that almost everyone has felt it at some time or other in the journey of life. There is nothing to worry when the guilt is small but the problems starts when guilt becomes severe enough that it destroys your peace of mind, make you feel scared, prohibit you from doing your routine task, start ruining your relationship with your loved ones, and negatively affects your overall lives.

Often guilt arises when you done something or said something that you are not supposed to or you have not fulfilled your responsibility. In any case, whatever be the reason, the feeling of guilt is not going to let you make use of your full potential to upgrade your lifestyle and be happy. Here are a few tips that you would find it useful to get over the feeling of guilt:


To get over the guilt, it is essential to understand the root cause of guilt. Generally, we, human being, have a set rule of how to behave, take responsibility, and act in a certain way, based on our background and social circle to consider ourselves as an ideal person. As everyone has different backgrounds, responsibility, and social circle, so their definition of ideal person is also different. Whenever anyone does not follow the set rule for being idle, they tend to feel guilty.


A little bit of guilt feeling encourages you to be considerate towards others, takes responsibility, and improve your skills to be competent, but when it becomes detrimental to your growth, you should learn to accept and forgive yourself to get rid of guilt feeling. Always keep in mind, as a human being; you are not perfect, so you are not supposed to do everything right and behave properly. That is why you should accept whatever you did and forgive yourself so that you learn the requisite lessons to move forward in life as time does not stop ticking and wait for you.


The moral standard and social norms are meant to help you develop as a strong human being; not to feel guilty to an extent that halt your progress in life and ruin your professional and personal life. It is good to care about others, but not to an extent that your life gets defined by others opinion. So if your action or behavior makes you feel guilty to a level that you start suffering then you should stop caring about others opinion about yourself and set your own rule to feel worthy.


The fact of life is that it is your actions and behavior that are in your control but not the result. However the ego, false sense of self, demands blame to be put out for every misconduct or failure. Ego does not let you look objectively and figure out if there was another best way to handle the situations so that you still take responsibility and make an improvement but not feel guilty. So overcome ego to get rid of your guilt feeling.


What has happened has happened already, there is no point to brood over it and blame the self. You cannot go back in the past and rectify the situations. You even do not have the control over others or situation, but you have the full control over your behavior and actions in any given situations. So take responsibility, learn from the situations, and improve yourself so that the same mistakes do not get repeated and you become better equipped to handle the unforeseen situations in life.

Hence, always keep in mind that the guilt resides in your mind; not in the outer world and as a human being you are free to choose whether you want to feel guilty and suffer or learn from the situations to improve yourself. By having a sense of guilt feeling, you would not do any good for you or your loved ones. So to move forward with the flow of life confidently, you should make a sincere effort to get over the guilt.