How To Get Over Insecurity

Personal Growth

Insecurity has haunted the human being like nothing else in this world. Almost everyone ponders for insecurities in every aspect of their life and keep on doing almost everything possible under the sun to make their life secure but security in itself an illusion.

Insecurity is a constant fear of losing something, like attraction, identity, love, material objects, money, power, prestige, and of the same. The fear of insecurities makes a person worried for the worst even though that may not happen in future.

Living in insecurity is all about being in a hell despite having all the material possession and close relationship to make the life interesting on this beautiful planet. Here are some of the simple tips that you would find it useful to get over the insecurity:


Although it is the fact that life is not smooth, but a negative experience of certain situations does not guarantee that the future experiences also turn out to be the negative one. So it would be wise decision to check the validity of anxiety and get rid of unwanted anxiety.


The intensity of insecurity is directly proportional to the degree of attachment. The more you are attached to anything or anyone, the more insecure you would be towards them. Always keep in mind and accept the hard fact of life that all the material object and relationships is meant to make your journey of life interesting and they will leave you the moment their utility in your life would be over.


Do not get attached to any material object or to any person to an extent that you find it difficult to identify yourself without them and the fear of parting makes you live an insecure life. Develop a sense of self-worth and make your own identity based on your character.


Insecurity is often related to the future and it is the negative experience of the past that makes one to think negatively and feel insecure about the future. Realize the fact that the past is a closed chapter of your life and future is about to come, but you live your life in the present moment. If you learn to live in the present moment, you would no longer feel insecure about the future.


Positive thinking enables you to get over the insecurities of life. Thinking is a choice and it is completely at your disposal to whether think positive or negative. If you choose to think positive, you live your life in the present moment to the fullest as well as enable yourself to handle the challenges of life boldly and that in turn helps you to overcome insecurities.


To enrich the life with beautiful experiences, you should be ready to fight whatever comes in the way; not to get worried about the imagined trouble in future. So have confidence in yourself to tackle the situations whenever it arises; not to trouble yourself in advance and ruin your present moment.

Hence, feeling insecurity, not only turn you to think negatively in every aspect of life, but it is also detrimental to mental as well as physical health and that in turn affects your professional progress as well as personal life. Accept the fact that life is uncertain and so is everything related to it. Be bold to enjoy the bliss of life in uncertainty to get over insecurities.