How To Get Over Loss And Grief

Personal Growth

It is close to impossible to find someone in this world who has not suffered from some or the other kind of loss and grief, but living with the sense of loss or grief all the time is disrespect to life; the beautiful gift of nature. Loss, grief, birth, joy, all are part and parcel of life and as a human being we all have to experience it at some stage of life. Everybody grief at the loss and comes to terms with it over times.

Although you cannot get over the loss and grief altogether, but the pain of grieving becomes softer with the passage of time. The more you are attached to the person or thing that you lost, the more pain you feel and the more time it would take to get over the loss. Taking some time to grief is good for your emotional well-being, but you should be kind enough to yourself to get over the loss at the earliest so that you would be able to move with the flow of life.

There is no fixed time-frame to get over the loss and grief for everyone as the gravity of pain varies for each one. But if it makes you suffer for a longer period of time, you need to address it. You just have to speed up the process of getting over the grief so that you start to make use of your capabilities at the earliest to upgrade your lifestyle and be the worthy member of your family and society at large.

As the pain of loss varies from person to person, so is the ways to get over the grief. There is no quick fix way suitable to everyone and in every situation to get over the loss and grief. It is best to deal with the grief in whichever ways feel most comfortable to you. Here are some of the ways that may help you to get over loss and grief smoothly and early:


You are not the only person who is going through this difficult phase of life, grief does not spare anyone. So do not feel sorry for yourself, become helpless and go into the self-pity mode. It is the realization of the fact that everyone suffers from the loss and grief, give you some comfort and act as a balm to provide relief from the pain.


Emotions are good only when it is in your control. Do not let your emotions control and define you. There is no doubt the pain may appear unbearable, but you have unlimited power inside you to bear the pain and get over the loss and grief. Always keep in mind that nature does not give that much pain to anyone who cannot bear. So control your emotions to get over the loss and grief in life at the earliest.


There is nothing permanent in life. Everyone and everything comes in our life with a tag of expiry date, but as a human being we fail to realize this fact of life and keep on identifying ourselves with every person and thing only to make our parting more painful. Life is always in the present; you cannot go back in the past and live your life. So focus on the present moment and make it a happy experience of your life.


Surrounding yourself with positive people who care and support you, helps you to get over the loss smoothly. Although it is hard to give words to your complete feelings and tell accurately what you are feeling to someone, but being engaged in conveying your feeling to someone who cares about you, reduces the gravity of your pain. You never know some simple suggestions from someone help you come to terms with loss and move forward in life as almost everyone have handled the loss in some way or other.


Counting your blessings is the best way to get immediate relief from the pain of loss and it help you to get over the loss and grief smoothly over a period of time. If you count your blessings, it would enable you to turn your focus away from to loss and grief to all that is positive in your life. So develop a habit of counting your blessings on a daily basis to get over the loss and grief.

To conclude, grief, the emotional suffering, is a normal and natural human response to loss. However, the fact of the matter is that time waits for no one. It is not going to stop ticking until you get over from the loss and grief. By grieving over the loss for a longer period of time, you make yourself prone to lose many more opportunities in life that may have the potential to make you cheerful and bring success in your life. So you should make a sincere effort to get over loss and grief without losing much valuable time and keep on moving with the flow of life to make it happy and enriching.