How To Get Over The Past And Move On

Personal Growth

Life is a beautiful journey for those who learnt to live with purpose and use the past experiences to enrich their lives. Experience act either as a life lesson or something to cherish throughout. It is the experiences that define the quality of life. People love to cherish the positive experiences of life but at the same time negative experiences make them feel bad, and they like to forget it sooner.

Some negative experience of the past moment is really hard, scary, painful, and difficult to endure. Whenever you enliven the negative the past moment, it makes you feel regretful, guilty, angry, sad, or full of self-pity. There are some people who are lucky enough to get over the past easily, but it is really difficult for those people who do not have the ability to forget the past and move on to embrace life. Here are few tips that may help you get over the past and move on with life:


Accepting your past helps you to change your perspective about it, to live life more freely. It does not mean to go back in the past to change or forget it in the present moment altogether. The moment you start to accept that whatever has happened is not going change anyway; you start the process of healing. Acceptance does not happen overnight; you have to give yourself time. Allow yourself to see the past and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings attached with it without any judgment. Once you accept the fact that whatever happened during the past is already done, brooding over it is not going to change it, you start the process of getting over it and move on with life.


Mindfulness helps you to learn valuable life lessons and develop source of strength from negative emotions. There is no doubt that the experiences from the past can be haunting, and you suffer a lot by negative emotions. Mindfulness enables you to turn towards and identify your emotions related to past experience, be it guilt, regret, anger, sadness, or self-pity so that you can devise an appropriate response of acceptance, forgiveness, hope or self-confidence to counter it.


Life always gives us unique opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge when you live for the moment. The moment you start to live in the present moment, life becomes interesting because you have different opportunity to explore and learn. The experience and knowledge you gain from exploring new opportunities build your level of confidence, improve your ability to handle the situations to your own advantage and most importantly help you to get over the past and move on with life.

Hence, always keep in mind that the past is already gone, and it should not be your entire focus in life; you deserve much more in life. Often things fade with the passage of time, but sometimes you have to make an effort by yourself or consult a specialist to reduce the worse effect of certain life experiences that trouble you the most. So if you find it hard to handle the past experiences, make a concrete effort to get over the past and move on so that you can make your life worthwhile to live.