How To Overcome Aggression

Personal Growth

Aggression is completely normal emotion and has helped humanity to evolve in certain circumstances. Aggression stems from the perceived fear of threat. If someone feels threatened, frustrated, irritated, disrespected, they retaliate with aggressive behavior. Normally people behave aggressive when they do not have control over their emotions to analyze what they should do if they are under attack.

In this competitive world, where almost everyone is in a rush to get ahead; acquire more and more material possessions, being aggressive has been a normal personality trait; considered a sign of being strong. People generally do not take out time to work towards having control over their emotions and obtain peace of mind. Whenever their ego in under threat, they feel it is normal to behave aggressive no matter what are the consequences that they may regret later.

If you push over your point of view aggressively to someone, the chances are that they would feel threatened, stand up for themselves, and become aggressive as well. In that sense aggression is contagious because the propensity to act aggressively under threat is inbuilt. By acting aggressively people ruin their relationship, reputation, and even they end up in prison. So it is wise to overcome aggression to save yourselves from the many unwanted troubles in life. Here are a few tips that you may find it useful to get over aggression.


The best way to overcome aggression is to figure out the real cause of your aggressive behavior. Most of the time it is your fear that drive your aggressive behavior. If you can find out what you are being afraid about and make an effort to reduce it, your aggression automatically gets subside. So you should do some brainstorming to figure out what triggers your aggressive behavior and try to reduce it to get over your aggression.


Be mature and use the power of your mind to handle the difficult situations to your own advantage; not bring you in further trouble. Reacting aggressively can make the situation worse and you later regret it. So whenever you feel threatened, give yourself time to think by focusing your attention on your breath or counting numbers to think through an appropriate way to respond in a respectful manner. Get assertive by forcefully sticking to your point of view, but in the kindest way without insulting the self-respect of others to get the things done in your own way. By doing this, you do not need to suppress your feelings and ruin your relationship by hurting the feelings of others.

Finally, you do not need to get aggressive to get whatever you want in life. Aggression is not often the right and most of the things in life are totally achievable within the boundaries of good matter and politeness. Although there is much provocation in this cut throat competitive world, but by being assertive you can achieve a lot than by being aggressive and at the same time you would be able to maintain harmony in relationship. So overcome aggression to get the maximum out of your life.