How To Overcome Anger

Personal Growth

Anger is a completely normal and natural emotion that enables a person to defend themselves when they are attacked. The natural way to express anger is to react aggressively and to some extent it is necessary for survival. However, behaving and acting under the grip of anger all the time is not healthy option and that may even create serious problems for you because we all have to follow some social norms, moral ethics, and laws of the land.

Further, life is too short to waste it being angry about anything that does not help you learn and grow. There is no sense to carry anger along when it does not allow you to move forward in life in a positive sense and at the same time hamper your progress in life. After all, when someone lost their temper, look ridiculous and does things that they cannot do in a normal condition and regrets it later.

The fact is that anger only harms the person who is angry and does not solve any problem for them. On the other hand it only creates a problem and makes the situation worse for them. So whenever you get angry, it is wise of you to make an effort to get over it. Overcoming anger is not an easy task because the emotions are more powerful than the logical thoughts, but if you make an effort to find out the real cause your anger and figure out how to get over it, you would definitely succeed. Here are a few tips that you may find it helpful to overcome anger:


Prevention of anger is the best way to overcome it. Mostly it is perceived threat, insult, dissatisfaction, frustration and of the same is the root cause of anger and it is the change of perception that enables you to prevent the anger. Prevention of anger is completely based on your choice how you respond in a particular situation and that is completely in your control.


Expressing anger in an assertive manner is the best option to get what you wanted without hurting the sentiments of others. If you let your anger take over you and react aggressively, the chances are that you make the situations worse and ruin your relationship. In other word, being assertive is all about being respectful to oneself and others.


Delaying your response till you calm down is the appropriate way to avoid the worst impact of reacting without thinking about the consequences in anger. When you delay your reaction, you suppress the anger for the time-being to figure out the ways to express it constructively. Keep in mind that if anger is not expressed then it would turn inward and create other problems and all that pent-up rage will come out when you least expect it.


Repressed anger tends to fester and later may cause explosive fits of rage, or depression. Exercise is an effective way to release negative energy. So it is best to express anger constructively by physical exercise like running, jogging, walking, and playing outdoor games.


Calming down the feeling of anger both outwardly and internally is the better in every sense. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, focusing your attention on something positive, yoga, meditation, counting numbers helps you a lot to calm down your anger, and let the negative feelings subside.

Finally, always keep in mind that your emotions should be in your control and work for you not against you. Often it is people who make you angry. Anyone who made you angry gets control of your emotions. So do not make anyone overpower you by giving power to them to control your emotions by caring their opinion. It is you who are responsible to manage your emotions; no one can play with your emotions until you allow them to do that. So make an effort to overcome anger in order to save yourselves from regrets.