How To Overcome Confusion

Personal Growth

Getting through life is not always easy; there are moments when confusion reigns. Being stumped on one thing or at the particular moment is quite possible when making a decision becomes difficult. Almost everyone feels confused at some point in their lifetime. It is only the longevity of confusion that creates the problems by bringing uncertainty, insecurity, and lack of self-confidence that halt the progress of a person.

Some people overcome the confusion very quickly and some other people take a longer period of time. There are also some people who do not get rid of confusion in their lifetime. They do not feel confident to figure out what they really want from life and gets stuck at certain stages of life. They become quite certain that they would never finalize their goal in life and accept their failure without even trying; only to feel sorry about themselves.

When confusion prevails, then to get through the life becomes difficult. Although confusion is natural, but not desirable, it can deprive you from your mental strength. In confusion, you do not see anything that makes sense, sees no way to get anything right, and realization of a dream appears to be a distant dream. If you want to let the life flow smoothly and make progress effortlessly, here are a few tips that may help you to overcome confusion:


Confusion is a state of mind that is not permanent in nature. Do not halt your life and go into self-pity mode. Accept the fact that you are confused only at this point of time to get relaxed and allow the moment of confusion go away by itself. Once you get the real clarity in your mind, confusion would automatically set in.


When confusion takes over the mind, it really becomes difficult to dedicate your complete focus with clarity to figure out an appropriate response to handle the situations. So it would be better to move yourself away and get engaged in some outdoor physical activity or do deep breathing to relax your mind and get it energized so that you would be able to handle the situations with increased focus and clarity.


Knowledge is the antidote of confusion. The good thing is that in this information edge you just have to be sure what you really need to know, all the information is a click away. Where there is true knowledge, there is no confusion. Knowledge destroys the confusion like nothing else in life.


Humility augments the peace of mind; which is most desirable in the stage of confusion. It is your humbleness that keeps you connected with your inner reality, make you grateful, encourage you to have love for humanity and that in turn help you be at peace and break free from the confusion.


It is the hope that motivates everyone to keep on moving with the flow of life, even if the situations are not favorable to realize desired goal. That is why you should not get de-motivated by the confusion, interpret it as an opportunity to strengthen your decision making capabilities. Hope for the best to be at peace, no matter how much difficult situations you are facing, in the end it would turn out to be in your favor.

Hence, you cannot classify all the situations of life into black and white; some situations fall in between black and white; in shades of grey and that makes it really tough to take decision due to lack of conviction. However, it is better to make a decision after a little bit of thinking and move on with life. The confusion only exists till the moment you feel uncomfortable to make choices. Follow the mention tips, you would definitely feel the difference and overcome confusion to keep moving on with the flow of life.