How To Overcome Ego

Personal Growth

Having a good sense of self is the key to leading a happy and successful life. Being proud of your own capability and expertise helps you to navigate through the life confidently and turn every situation in your favor to keep on making progress even if the going gets tough. However, having a sense of pride is good for your progress in life, but considering only yourself best make you egoist and halt your progress.

There is a very thin line between pride and ego, while pride enables you to keep moving on with the flow of life, but ego creates hurdles in your path to success and leads to your downfall. Ego cannot let you rest because it needs constant feeding to make a person think themselves better than others. That is why, to be at peace, you need to overcome ego. Here are some of the ways that help you to overcome ego:


You have come into this world empty handed, even without having the capability to utter a single word. All the knowledge, expertise, material possession you have acquired is of this world only and there was always someone near you to help. Is it not enough to be grateful for the people and things that make your life easy? It takes only a few minutes to think about people, experiences, and possession you are thankful for and that in turn help you to eliminate the ego.


The problem with egoistic person is that they consider their own opinion is the best and disregard others opinion. By doing that they lose many opportunities in life to learn and grow and at the same time ruin their relationships with others. So if you want to make progress in life, it would be wise of you to get over the ego by paying heed to another person's opinion. Start listening carefully to others point of view with and open mind and you would be amazed to see the difference it would bring in your life.


Have a control over your emotions and be mature enough to accept the fact that sometimes other people opinion can also be very appropriate in certain situations. Do not feel hurt when you have to follow others opinion because life goes like that. We, human being, are social by nature and we all have to assist each other to grow and after all acceptance of others point of view is a sign of maturity. So have control over your feelings and do not let the ego separate you from your loved one by having an illusive sense of superiority due to ego.


Meditation helps you to control your mind and come to peace with your inner self. It is peace of mind that we, human being, seek as an ultimate goal of life. When you are at peace, you do not feel the urge to feed your ego and you would love to enjoy new experiences of life. Practicing meditation can unclutter your mind and enables you to be at peace with your true self because you would be able to realize that you are not your thought and see things from a much greater perspective. In other words, meditation makes your inner self shine and let the ego fade away gradually.

Hence, thinking yourself to be the best only to boost your ego is not healthy because you will always find someone better in certain aspects of life and that becomes the breeding ground for many negative feelings. Ego can prohibit you from learning and growing to your full potential and not let you enjoy the beauty of life. Ego is your self-image; not your true self and to overcome ego, you have to move from illusive self-created image of your real self through awareness. So if you want to have a cordial relationship with your loved ones and to ensure your growth as a strong human being, you need to make a sincere effort to overcome ego.