How To Overcome Envy

Personal Growth

Envy is the surest way to attract unhappiness in life. It is painful and does not allow an envious person to live in the moment to do well and thus they ruin their future. Often envy is the root cause of the prevailing hatred in society because it always targeted towards the other.

It is the insecurity that makes a person envious and because of that they develop a tendency to put down others to raise themselves up. Envy harms the envious person the most because they have to carry the burden of intense negativity for the others.

So if you want to live a happy, successful and maintain a healthy relationship with others, you need to get over envy. Here are more appropriate ways that you would find it beneficial to overcome envy:


The existence of envy is always based on the targeted comparison with others; without the target envy cannot happen. The biggest irony is that almost everyone knows that comparison is a futile attempt because no two people can be exactly the same, but most of the people get indulge in it only to make their life miserable.

Comparing with others is a never ending cycle; you would always find someone better than you in certain aspects of life. However, the fact is that you do not know exactly what problems the person is facing; to whom you envy about, their life journey and what destiny has in store for them. Maybe you have something worth the envy of them and others.

Everyone is unique and the ultimate potential to make life great is the same in everyone. If you closely visualize, you would find that in certain aspects may be someone better than you, but in some areas you are more comfortable than most of the people.

That is why it is better to compete with yourself only and make sure to be better today in terms of knowledge, expertise, health, and spiritual awareness than yesterday to boost your self-esteem so that you do not feel the urge to compare yourself with others and make your life miserable.


Practicing gratitude enables you to turn your focus from others to you. In other words, by having grateful attitude, you would be less concerned about what others have and dedicate your focus on what you have that makes your life happy.

You should keep in mind that there is a large gap between perception and reality. What capability and possession of others makes you envy, may not be the clearest picture of reality, as it is rightly said, 'the grass seems greener on the other side'. On the other hand, you know what you have and being grateful for that increase your level of confidence and happiness.

To practice gratitude on a daily basis, you have to keep your focus on positive aspects of your life and less likely to be unhappy because you no longer feel envious by focusing on others positive qualities in comparison with your negative aspects of life. You never know, what you already have, would be the dream to realize for most of the people.

Learn to recognize your self-worth and the greatness of your life. Always keep in mind; it is only you who can do justice to your potential by being loyal to it. Envy is disloyalty with self and it is the practice of gratitude that makes you loyal to yourself and enabling you to live life to its full potential.

Hence, it is very difficult for the envious person to feel happy about others when something good happens and that makes their life miserable. Envy not only ruins the future of envious person, but their relationship with near and dear ones as well. You should accept the beauty of life that not everyone is equal and possessed of equal things to feel better.

Although, it is hard to get over envy overnight, but if you make a sincere effort, you would get over it gradually for your own benefits and society at large. So if you feel miserable for being envious, overcome it to live a happy life and enjoy the blessings of having a cordial relationship with your loved ones.