How To Overcome Fear Of Death

Personal Growth

Death is very much natural, universal, and an inevitable part of the cycle of life. Death does not spare anyone, be it rich or poor, strong or weak, spiritual or common man. However, the irony of life is that everyone knows that death is certain and no pill, no exercise routine, no diet regime, no meditation, and no amount of money can avoid it. But there is a deep desire almost in everyone if they do not become immortal, then they want to extend their life. There is a deep-seated fear of death in most of the people and they left no stone unturned to avoid it. If you have the fear of death and want to overcome it, here are a few ways that may help you to overcome fear of death:


The biggest reason for the fear of death is the illusion of possession. Most of people struggle to hoard material objects, increase bank balance, and invest in a relationship at the cost of their own happiness and because of that they are afraid of leaving their imaginary possession. However the fact is that, there is no real possession, everyone has come into this world empty handed and leave the world in the same way. All the material possession, bank balance, and relationship are only temporary. So to overcome fear of death, it is essential to realize the futility of possessions.


It is not how long you have lived, but the quality of your life that matters a lot. Live life on your terms; find out your own purpose of life, try to make a positive difference in your life on a daily basis to counter the negativity that is filled around. Do what makes you happy, and challenge yourself to realize your dream of life early and smoothly. Often the people who have the fear of death the most are the people who do not live life to the fullest. So make sure to do your best to live life to the fullest so that you do not regrets at the fake end of your life and not have the fear of death.


Life exists in between the birth and death. Where there is a birth, there is a death as well and this is the reality of life. No one is going to live indefinitely. Death is certain for everyone, but living meaningfully can only be possible when you learn to accept death as a natural phenomenon of life. The moment you accept the death as a reality, you would also accept the fact that it comes without giving notice and because of that you would be able to make your day count in your life. The acceptance of death is a great way to overcome the fear of death.


Life is a series of experiences and all the pleasure, pain, sorrow, happiness you experience is inside you. It is not your body, relationship, gender, religion, cast, career, or possessions that define you. You have gained all these things within this world and you would naturally leave behind them when you say goodbye to this beautiful world. The moment you realize the fact that all that possession you identify yourself is not your real self, you would be able to completely uproot the deep-seated fear of death. So if you want to get over the fear of death, you should stop identifying yourself with body, mind, relationship, and all that you think your possessions.

Hence, always keep in mind that, life and deaths are poles apart; both cannot exist at the same time. When you are living, death cannot touch you and when death happens, you would be not living to experience it. The thing that really matters while living is that one should realize the meaning of life and live life to the fullest so that they can die happily. Life and death are not in your hand, so it is not wise to waste your precious time thinking about it and fearing about it. Make an effort to overcome fear of death to embrace life in totality.