How To Overcome Loneliness

Personal Growth

Loneliness is a state of mind that scares most of the people. You do not need to be in an isolated place to feel lonely. You could be very much lonely even if you are living with a dozen of family member around you right in the middle of the city. On the other hand, if you have control over your mind, you do not feel lonely even if you happen to live in an island all alone.

We, human being, are a social animal and it is ingrained in our nature to seek companionship. The mere thought of being lonely spoils the present moment. Although, being lonely could be depressing only if you allow it to do so. Here are some of the ways that you may find it helpful to overcome loneliness:


Realize the fact that feeling lonely is a very common experience and the best thing about it is that it is not permanent in nature. There is no need to feel sorry for you and engrossed in a self-pity mode; think positive to get over loneliness smoothly and very early. Always keep in mind, that the reality of life is created by the thought you focus on, so feel contented with your life in general.


Unless you love yourself, you cannot expect love from the world. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, and do whatever you enjoy the most to feel happy inside. When you feel good about yourself, people notice it and love to be around you because happiness attracts people. Always keep in mind, the foundation for every relationship is the one you have with yourselves. When you love yourself, you would no longer feel lonely because you enjoy your own company.


Free your mind from the negative experiences of the past, inhibitions, and your concern that prohibits you to reach out to the world. Always keep in mind that there are people, who need you as much as you need them. Your negative past experience does not guarantee that you would always face the negativity in your future. So be careful not to judge people on the basis of your past experiences. Drop all the pain, inhibitions, and concern from your mind and go with the flow of life.


Having free time, let the feeling of loneliness creeps in and on the other hand, keeping yourself busy with some kind of interesting hobbies is the best way to avoid the feeling of loneliness. The hobbies can be anything like, learning new skills, doing creative things, reading, writing, horse riding, swimming, traveling, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and of the same. Hobbies not only keep yourself occupied to get rid of the feeling of loneliness, but it also boosts your morale as well.


Try social media to get connected with like-mined people who has something in common with you. Connecting with people online is easier than connecting with them in person. Although you do not get the feeling of having people around on a social media, but you would not feel lonely, as you always have something to talk about that actually make you pleased.


If it is possible for you, you should get a pet that can fill your house up. Choose the pet that best suited to your personality and help you to stay active and cheerful. Suppose if you have a dog as a pet, you can take them for a short walk and get an opportunity to connect with people on the way.


Learn to be outgoing even if you do not feel it. Get out of your comfort zone and go out where people are. Take initiative and start conversation with someone. You never know, by showing a little courage you would meet someone who would be very close to you in near future.


People are generally busy in their day to day activities and with their closed ones. If you want to make your presence felt, you should take initiative and say 'hi' to them, be friendly with them, listen to them carefully, and respect their own individuality to make yourself get noticed by others in your surroundings.


Engage yourself in voluntary activity to get the opportunity to meet new people. You never know by volunteering yourself, you get the chance to meet someone who reflects you and you both look forward to spend the rest of life together. If you find someone who seems as an extension of yourself, feel lucky and look for fulfillment in that person to let your world grow as a beautiful place to live in for both of you.

To conclude, it is the basic desire for a human being to have something to live for, something to look forward to, and someone to love. As loneliness is a state of mind, you can feel lonely with or without people. No one can live a completely isolated life somewhere in the dessert, but living with people you have to respect them in order to get respect from them. Always keep in mind that every relationship starts with the one you have with yourself.

Realize that you are unique, wonderful creation in the immense constellation of life! If you have self-respect and feel good about yourself, you would get noticed by people and they would love to be around you. To overcome loneliness early, be persistent to go out and take the initiative to meet people otherwise they would not recognize you easily. Be contented with the people who love to be around you, and hope for the best in life to overcome loneliness.