How To Overcome Nervousness

Personal Growth

Nervousness is a common behavior pattern in human beings. It is quite natural and normal for everyone to feel nervousness in the face of uncertainty or unfamiliar situations. Up to a certain extent nervousness is good in a sense that it helps a person to get prepared in advance and tackle the situations appropriately. But when nervousness becomes a constant phenomenon of your life and overpowered you by putting you off, you need to address it and get over it to make progress in life.

Generally, nervousness saps the level energy and prohibits a person to concentrate on the task at hand. It is quite clear that what could be the result when one is not having the sufficient energy for the execution of task and unable to focus due to nervousness. So it is wise to make an effort to get over nervousness to make progress in like. Here are a few tips that help you get over the nervousness:


Meditation is the most appropriate way to overcome nervousness. When you feel nervous, your energy level gets drained and feels unable to concentrate on the task at hand. However, if you practice simple meditation technique, just by sitting calmly and concentrating on your deep breathing, your energy level goes up and you would feel more confident to handle the unfamiliar situations with complete dedication of your focus. You might find it difficult to focus on your breathing at the initial stage, but you would learn rapidly. So whenever you feel nervous, relax yourself, drink water if you feel so, and concentrate on your deep breathing to enable yourself to retain your energy level and help yourself to tackle the situations more appropriately.


Often the cause of nervousness is comparing oneself with other people. Although everyone knows that no two people are the same in every sphere of life, but people tend to compare themselves with others to set benchmarks and invite frustration in the long run and thus feel nervous while facing unfamiliar situations. So stop comparing yourself with others, do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself, and celebrate your uniqueness with all your merits and demerits to overcome nervousness.


Due to nervousness, you may find it difficult to go out of your comfort zone and do things that paves the way for your personal growth. However, if you take initiative to go out of comfort zone, even if you need to force yourself and do things that need to be done, you would get out of nervousness over the period of time. Initially, the chances are that you make mistakes, people laugh at you, but do not lose heart and keep on trying, it would reduce your nervousness over the period of time and open up doors of many opportunities to learn and grow.


Having a positive approach to life helps you to overcome nervousness. If you tend to stay nervous, you would never feel confident to tackle the situations of life boldly and feel nervous at every stage of life. Be positive and upgrade your skills and expertise to feel confident to handle the unfamiliar situations to your own advantage and keep the nervousness at bay.


Overcoming nervousness is not an easy task. If this is that much easy, everyone would get rid of nervousness and improve their life. You cannot overcome it overnight, you have to make effort constantly to get rid of nervousness with patience. Each step you take to go out of comfort zone enable you to learn a lesson that you can apply to the next attempt to feel more confident and eventually you would succeed to realize your desired goal. So have patience if you want to overcome nervousness and make your life worthwhile to live.

Hence, always keep in mind that life is short in a sense that most of the goals you want to realized remains unrealized and so the time is precious, you cannot make your life worthwhile to live by wasting time due to nervousness. Have faith in yourself and take the initiative to overcome nervousness to enjoy the bliss of happy and enriching life in this beautiful world.