How To Overcome Past Painful Memories

Personal Growth

Life is a mixture of good and bad experiences and past painful memories are one of the most traumatic feelings of life. Staying happy and moving on with the flow of life seems to be a distant dream, when your heart is broken in several pieces due to unpleasant memories. However, time is not going to stop ticking and wait until you recover from the past painful memories. If you want to be happy and make your life worthwhile to live, you need to address past painful memories and overcome it.

Often, time is considered the best healer in the world. Give some time to yourself to overcome past painful memories and in between fill your mind with new experiences that give you some memories you cherish about and that in turn soften your past painful memories. In other words, good memories coupled with time are a great healer. Here are some of the ways that you will find it useful to overcome past painful memories smoothly and early:


To overcome past painful memories, it is essential to accept the fact that whatever happened is already happened, and you feel miserable and worthless because of that. There is nothing wrong with the bad feeling, it is quite natural, the problem only starts when the worst feeling prolonged. Once you accept the pain of past memories instead of denying it or hoping things may change, you would regain your confidence to overcome it and move ahead.


Life is meant to move ahead and turn your dream into reality. You are the creator of your life and you should make your day counted instead of being hooked on past painful memories that does not let you move ahead in life. Nothing is permanent in nature, so is the past painful memories, then why waste your present by going into self-pity mode and being in a cage of depression, loneliness and all sorts of negativity. Stop being a victim and fret over past painful memories which you cannot change. Life has to go on and it is you who are responsible make beautiful pictures on the blank canvas of your life.


Surrounding yourself with the positive people who care about you is the best way to handle the tough phases of life. Meeting with people divert your attention from the past painful memories to other beautiful things in life and you instantly start feeling better and eventually past painful memories fade away.


No matter how much haunting your past painful memories are, you should not let it lead and spoil your life. The only use of memories is to learn the lessons, apply it in your present life and let it go. After all, it is your life and you have the sole right to lead your life as you please. Take control over past painful memories instead of letting them control you, in order to learn from it and move on.


To divert your mind from past painful memories, you should be involved in some activities that are pleasant to you. So think about something you really love to do and do it. It could be anything like watching movie, listening to music, hanging out with friends, reading, writing, playing, hitting the gym, or swimming.


Practicing meditation is the most effective way to overcome past painful memories. A simple form of meditation such as sitting comfortably with back straight and concentrating over your deep breathing will do wonders. When you meditate, let the thought of painful memories come into your mind strongly; just watch it as a spectator, it would automatically get lesser with time.

Hence, memories are the elixir of life; sometimes make you feel the pain and some other times let you relish the joy of life. You should always keep in mind that life is all about choices. It is totally up to you to make a choice between continued to be miserable or gather your courage and move on. If you choose to get indulged into self-pity, no one can pull yourself out of your miserable conditions. So if you want to live an interesting and enriching life, choose to be happy and make an effort to overcome past painful memories.