How To Overcome Past

Personal Growth

Overcoming past is very essential to move on; else it will ruin your present and future as well. The unpleasant situations of the past are already over, but if you keep on recalling them again and again, it will only hurt you. Although you cannot destroy or eliminate the past altogether, but you can learn to accept it and not let it ruin your present moment. So, learn to accept the past no matter how painful it is in order to overcome it and move ahead with the flow of life.


Regretting about the past again and again is not going to do any good in the present moment; it would only fill your mind with a lot of negative emotions and spoiled your present moment. So it is wise to accept the past as a destiny and move on with the flow of life to make the best use of present moment in order to have a bright future.


Life is not a smooth journey; there is always some happy moment that you love to cherish forever and some dark time which you want to forget. However, if you embrace the rough phases of life and see it as a stepping stone to keep the pace of growth continue, you would be able to realize that there are some very useful lessons hidden in unpleasant situations of life which would make you wiser and stronger to tackle the unforeseen situations of life.


Life unfolds itself in the present moment, the past is already gone and the future is yet to come. By keeping your focus on the present moment, you would be able to recognize the available opportunities and handle the situations appropriately. On the other hand, if you keep on thinking and questioning, 'Why did certain things happen to you?' 'Why you did not reacted appropriately?', you would not gain anything worthwhile and ruin your present moment. So keep your focus on the present moment to enjoy the life.


The key to overcome past is to accept the fact that life cannot be perfect and amazing all the time. Everyone is bound to enjoy the bliss of pleasant situations and suffer painful situations at the same time. To overcome past, you should learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made and others as well for making you feel hurt through rejection, insult, unfaithfulness, and betrayal. Always keep in mind that forgiveness is what you do for yourself; not of the others. So learn to forgive in order to overcome past and move on with the flow of life.


Practicing meditation helps you to release the unpleasant memories of the past which are holding you back. Through meditation you would be able to maintain your peace of mind and gradually you would overcome the past; the memories of past no longer disturb you anymore because it would fade away with time.


Life is a combination of experiences; some you cherished along the way and some other you like to forget to move ahead. If your journey of life is not exciting and worthy till now, that does not mean the road ahead cannot be enriching for you. Stay hopeful, occupy your mind with positive thoughts, stop carrying the baggage of unpleasant past situation, build you competencies, and increase your self-confidence, you never know what great opportunities are coming in your way that you have to explore.

Hence, always keep in mind that the pains of unpleasant past situations are unavoidable, but suffering is optional and always dependent on your choice. Life is constantly changing and growing at every moment and if you allow the past to hold you back, you would never live in the present moment in totality and that in turn hamper your growth in life. So if you want to make your life interesting and enriching, you should make an effort to overcome past; learn from it and let it go.