How To Overcome Perfectionism

Personal Growth

Striving for perfection is good to an extent, you set improvable goals for encouraging yourself and go for it; otherwise it is the surest way to attract frustration in life. In other words, striving for perfection is healthy as long as you realize it is impossible to reach. The search for perfection is endless and everlasting in a sense that there would always be a chance for improvement. There is no harm in going for the best, but the problem only starts when it becomes an obsession and wastes you much valuable time, energy, and achieves nothing at the end.

In reality, there is nothing that can be defined as perfect; it only lies in imagination. It is only your thought that set the yardstick and determines the definition of perfection. If you think something is perfect, then it is perfect else you will find the error in whatever you do and in every single creation of nature.

When you complete the task correctly, it really makes you feel happy, but the moment you mess up, you become upset and this is quite natural and almost everyone feels that way. However, not doing anything or feeling depressed because you do not consider yourself perfect in order to do things accurately is not going to help you anyway.

Although no one like to make mistakes, but it is not unexpected at all. After all, we are all human and prone to make mistakes in life; imperfection is our nature. It is good to do things and keep on trying to improve ourselves, but not doing anything until you consider yourself competent to do it perfectly will definitely hamper your growth and make you unhappy.

When perfectionism comes in the way of your growth and make you feel unhappy, you need to address it. Here are some of the ways that you find it useful to overcome perfectionism and move forward in life confidently to increase your level of happiness:


Awareness is the key to overcome perfectionism. Once you have realized that you are overly trying to do something perfectly, you are half way through to overcome perfectionism and eventually leave it past behind you. To overcome perfectionism, it is essential to identify and accept it.


Often it is the insecurity that makes people to seek perfection in almost everything and if they not they become frustrated a lot. The trick lies in being vulnerable and intentionally making mistakes sometime to challenge your perfectionism. If you want to overcome perfectionism, you have to be vulnerable and let people think that you can make mistakes.


One of the causes of perfectionism is fear that you will be judged by people or not meets the standards of someone else. It is pleasant to be accepted and loved by someone, but life is not only about managing your reputation, it is much more than that. Be your best in whatever you do and in every situation, but never let the fear to be judged dictates terms in your life in order to overcome perfectionism.


Satisfaction is the best substitute to perfection and often it is within reach. Perfect life is just in the imagination because as a human being it is the imperfection that defines our true nature. That is why, be mature and base your perfect life on how much satisfied you are. Seek satisfaction in whatever you have to get rid of frustration and this does not mean that you should not strive to make your life better.


It is okay to have a dream in life. It gives direction to life, but putting your happiness into dream and have an idea of once the dream is realized, you would be happy forever is not a sign of a matured person. Life is full of uncertainty and your idea of satisfaction change with time and so is your dream. Suppose if your dream is not feasible or you are not cut out for that then by putting your happiness into them, you condition yourself to remain unhappy throughout the life. That is why; if you want to be happy in life, do not put your happiness into your dream.


The obsession about perfection makes a person feel depressed, miserable, stuck up, exhausted, frustrated, unhappy, and detached from their true self because perfection is not attainable. It is the feeling of inadequacy or inferiority that makes a person strives for perfection which in itself an illusion because there are not a perfect attribute of perfection itself. Hence, it is wise to strive for progress in every sphere of life and love yourself the way you are with all your imperfection. Be authentic; be yourself; be grateful for what you have in order to put things into perspective and overcome perfectionism.

Hence, life is full of ups and downs and if you want to make your life worthwhile to live, you need to be ready for everything life throws in front of you. The secret to being happy is to accept the fact that there is no perfect relationship, situation, or even the life because human beings are themselves not perfect. That is why, life is best enjoyed by those people who do not overlook the joy of being in the present moment, not being afraid to make mistakes, and be grateful for what they have in life. To overcome perfectionism, be easy on yourself so that you can easily adapt to situations and be happy in every circumstance.