How To Overcome Regrets

Personal Growth

Life without some sort of mistakes to regret about is not possible. The fact is that, everyone makes mistakes in life; you are not the only one who is regretting for the mistakes made in the past. Due to regrets most of the people feel sad, angry, shame, anxious, remorse. The feeling of regret makes them feel that they are not enjoying but dragging their life. In other words, regrets are a kind of penance; a way to punish ourselves for not making better choices in the past and have the guilt feeling about that. However, you should not let the regrets define you who you are as a person.

As a matter of fact, regrets are not altogether bad things. It is the regrets that motivate you to strive for better and make your life worthwhile to live provided you have a positive attitude towards it. It all depends on your presumptions of regrets that determine how they affect you, positively or negatively. To overcome regrets, you need to learn the lessons from regrets to enable yourself to make better choices in the future and move forward in life. Here are some of the ways that may help you to overcome regrets in order to lead a happy life:


Regrets can change you as a person over time, for better and this is what makes life valuable provided you recognize and accept the regrets in order to learn the lessons it has to offer and apply in your life. Always keep in mind that everyone does what they think is the right thing to do in any given situation, but if something goes wrong, only then people realize their action as a mistake. Mistakes in life often occur inadvertently and so there is no need to punish your-self by being sad, depressed, frustrated, and gets indulged in self-pity. That is why you should recognize the real cause of regrets, accept it, forgive yourself, and pick up the lesson in order to move forward confidently.


The secret to overcoming regrets and make it a tool to empower yourself is to learn from it and move forward in life so that you make fewer mistakes to be regretful in future. Regrets are always associated with the negativity of the past and its right abode is in the past; not in the present. You cannot go back in the past and amend you mistakes, but you can choose how regrets from the past influence your present and future. Remind yourself that you deserve the best in life, even if you made mistakes in the past because as a human being it is ok to make mistakes, but a repetition of mistakes is really regretful. Life is for living forwards and to learn the lessons from your mistakes so that you do not repeat the same in future.


There is a correlation between regrets and an idle mind. Regrets often grab the attention of idle mind and an idle mind tend to regret about past failure, mistakes, loss, and of the same. If you keep yourself busy in some activities you like the most, you do not get time to feel regretful. The activities could be anything that grabs your complete attention and you love to do it, like reading, writing, painting, gardening, hanging out with people. Sometimes helping others in time of their need without expectations help you divert your attention from yourself to others and give you something to feel proud about yourself.


Although regrets are painful, but if you have a positive attitude towards life as well as yourself, you would recognize regrets as a stepping stone that give new direction to your life. Keep in mind that life is not meant to be easy, it is full of trial and tribulations to ensure that you learn how to fight over them and prepare yourself to handle the unforeseen obstacle which may come in the way of realizing your ultimate goal in life. So have a positive attitude in life in order to learn and grow with the passage of time.


Spending too much time thinking about past and future can make you feel depressed. You live your life in the present moment. The past is already gone and the future is always uncertain. There is nothing wrong about regret and thinking about it to a certain extent in order to learn from it but letting it affect your present can ruin your happiness and success in life. So do not waste your time thinking about regrets and ruin your present and life at large. Live in the moment to make your life interesting and enriching.


Life is a journey, not a destination; so takes what you have learned from your mistakes, be thankful for that, and move on. If you have learned something from your mistakes, then there is no need to feel regret about it. Divert your attention from what you are missing in life to what you are already having. Make a habit of spending a little time each day thinking of positive things that you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis helps you start thinking about the past in a positive life and eventually you would overcome regrets.

Hence, do not compare your life with others and define it accordingly. Everyone has a different set of circumstances, background, and perspective to life. No matter at whatever stage of life you are, how much time you passed regretting about the past, what is left is still your life to live. Always keep in mind that, it is your life and only you can make it worthwhile to live. In the end it is your judgment about your life that matters; not others who are just the passerby in the journey of your life. So stop regretting, learn from it, and move forward to make your life happy and enriching.