How To Overcome Restlessness

Personal Growth

Restlessness often occurs when you are not satisfied with life in general and constantly think about your problems. The moment you come to know that time is slipping away and there are so much that you are yet to achieve in life, you become restless. Although restlessness is good up to a certain point in a sense that it motivate you to figure out life changing idea and make progress but when it becomes a second nature of you then it need to be addressed.


To overcome restlessness, you need to think in realistic ways and try to find the reason of restlessness in order to figure out the way to handle them appropriately. Generally the cause of restlessness could be over thinking, gap between expectations and reality, being anxious about future, lack of trust in own capabilities, and having no defined goal in life.


Worrying is not going to help you in any way; it would only be detrimental to your growth in life. Worry does not take your future problems, but takes you peace of mind and make you restless at the present moment. So the moment you find your mind wandering into the past or the future, you should make a conscious effort to bring it back to the present moment. With repeated practice you can curb the mind from wandering here and there and that in turn help you to overcome restlessness.


Physical exercise is the most effective and wonderful tool to remove restlessness from life. Physical exercise gives a sense of feeling good about yourself that all is well in life and have a positive effect on your mind because there is a great correlation between mind and the body and both affect each other.


Creating a goal gives direction to your life and you will have something to look forward to in life. If you have a defined goal in your life, you would push yourself to make an effort to turn your goal into reality with complete dedication of your attention to the task at hand and that in turn help you to overcome restlessness in life.


Meditation is a natural way to put everything in perspective and calm your mind. The simple practice of watching your breath as you inhale and exhale diverts your attention from the negative thoughts to the more important things in life and give you the opportunity to affirm in your mind that everything is fine. That is why, whenever you feel restless, start practicing deep breathing to calm your mind, even if you find it difficult at the initial stage because if you keep on practicing you would learn to overcome restlessness in life.


Being grateful for all the good in your life help you eliminate negativity from your life and maintain your calm. By practicing gratitude, you would be able to banish the negative thoughts whenever you see worry set in. Practicing gratitude on a regular basis no matter however trivial it may be, make you calmer day by day and help you to eliminate restlessness from your life.

Hence, thinking about the problems again and again is not going to help you anyway unless you make an effort to handle them appropriately. Have a defined goal, keep yourself engaged in fruitful activities and be grateful for what you already have in order to overcome restlessness in life.

Always keep in mind that life is a mix of both happiness and misery so it is only the ignorance that makes a person aspire for continuous happiness throughout the life and spend their lifetime in restlessness. That is why, if you want to make your life worthwhile to live, you should make an effort to overcome restlessness by learning to enjoy both happiness and misery in life.