How To Overcome Sadness

Personal Growth

Sadness is a natural human emotional expression of unfulfilled desire and uncertainty of life. Almost everyone encounter sadness at some point or other in the journey of their life. Sadness like happiness is a state of mind based on the life situations and often people get over it with the passage of time. However, when sadness overtake your life and you feel unable to overcome it on your own in order to make progress in life, then you need to address it.

The feeling of sadness, if not nipped in the bud can aggravate with the passage of time and turn into a serious ailment. So whenever, you find it difficult to move on with the flow of life due to your sad feeling, you need to make an effort to overcome it and move forward in life. Here are some of the ways that you may find it useful to overcome sadness and move ahead in life:


Recognizing your feeling is the best way to initiate the process of getting over it. The moment you are aware of your sad emotions, accept it instead of dwelling on it, and remind yourself that this is just passing phase of your life and you get over it with the passage of time. Share your feelings with your friends, family members or you can even consult with doctors to get a clear picture of your feelings. You never know a simple advice from someone can help you to overcome sadness smoothly and early. However, you should keep yourself away from the expectations because it is expectations from others that generally make people feel sad in the end.


When you are in a sad mood, you may get engaged in negative self-talk by blaming or shaming yourself and stop enjoying the present moment. If you keep on thinking about sad feelings, it last longer, but if you start focusing on the task in the present moment, you would get over the sad feelings soon. So keep yourself busy in activities you like the most. The activities could be anything from your hobbies to your professional task and give your complete attention to it. Physical activities like running, swimming, working out releases feel good hormones that would give you a sense of feeling better. Putting a smile on your face reduces the effect of sad feelings because there is a great correlation between mind and body and both affect each other.


When you are sad and keep your focus around the unpleasant situations of your life, you would increase, the cause of feeling sad manifold by attracting more negative things in your life. On the other hand, if you distract yourself and divert your focus from the negative aspects of life to the positive one, you would definitely find a way out to diminish your sad feelings in order to live a happy life. As a matter of fact, you can either hold a negative or a positive thought, you cannot hold both thoughts at the same time, so the choice is up to you to keep on feeling sad and attract negative circumstance in your life or make an effort to be happy in life.


Goals are very much important to overcome sadness and live life to the fullest. It is the goal that gives direction to your life and something to look forward to in life. So figure out where your passion lies and create a realistic goal that motivates you to realize that. If you have a realistic goal that excite you and makes you feel good to do, you would not waste more time by being sad and start focusing on the task that need your attention in order to live life to the fullest. Staying focused on the realization of your goal in which you find your purpose not only help you to overcome sadness, but also paves way to live life to the fullest.


Experiencing a feeling of gratitude for what you already have and all the positive experiences of life is the surest way to attract happiness in your life. Whenever you feel bad, start counting your blessings for which you can be grateful for, you would be surprised to get happy before you know it. If you analyze, you have so many things in your life to be happy about. Probably you have good health, well-toned physique, dashing personality, bank-balance, loving relationship and of the same, which could be the distant dream of some other people. So keep your focus on the positive aspects of life and move ahead in life with optimism.

Hence, do not worry about your occasional sad feelings; it is very much natural and essential to realize the value of happy moments in life. In other words, without being sad, you cannot enjoy your happiness. Always keep in mind that the feeling of sadness is temporary in nature and you would get over it in a day, week, of the month, but if you do anything silly under the grip of sad feelings that you would never do in normal situation then the effect of it would remain with you forever.

To overcome sadness, you should always strive to do your best, hope for the best, but at the same time be prepared for the worst. Sometime despite working hard, due to some unforeseen circumstances things go wrong, then your preparedness for worst enable you to face the challenges boldly without feeling sad for yourself because you would be able to remind yourself that this very moment is not the end of your life. Although it is impossible to eliminate sadness from your life all together, but you should always make an effort to not waste your valuable time and overcome the sadness smoothly and early to enjoy your life and make it big.