How To Overcome Self Hate

Personal Growth

Striving to have a peace of mind and be happy with a sense of self-love is a tough task when the feeling of incompleteness, insufficiency shakes the very foundation of your self-worth. Self-hate is easier than self-love because it takes lot of courage to love the self. Self-hate does not demand anything; any kind of negative thought would be enough to hate the self. However, it would be difficult for you to be happy when you tend to self-hate and that is why you need to address it to live a happy life.

Generally self-hatred comes from rejection, abusive relationship, failure and of the same. It is always wise to get some professional help if you do not feel confident to overcome it by yourself. Whenever you stop making yourself feel happy, it is clear signs that you are no longer satisfy with yourself and that in turn lead you to self-hatred. Almost everyone go through self-hate state of mind no matter how much sensible and intelligent a person is, so you should not get indulged in self-pity if you tend to hate yourself sometimes in life. Here are some of the ways that you would find it useful to overcome self-hate:


The best way to overcome self-hate is to make a conscious commitment to be positive even if the situations are inappropriate. Whenever self-hate creeps into your mind due to negative thought of inability to get over from the difficult situations, failures in life, and lack of something; make a conscious effort to remind yourself about all your good points, strength, and achievement in order to be positive about yourself.


Do not allow yourself liberty of negative self-talk and putting yourself down. Challenge your negative self-talk by finding stuff you like about yourself and build on them. Find one thing about yourself that if you do not love but at least not hate and start to build on it. Once you start challenging your negative self-talk, you would overcome self-hate easily and early.


As a human being, everyone is wonderful and different in their own way. That is why, it is foolish to compare oneself with other person because each of us is unique and no two people can be equally the same in every aspects of life. Comparing yourself with others only make you vulnerable to hate the self because you would always find someone better in certain aspects in life. Always keep in mind that there is always someone better than you and worse than you so stop comparing yourself with others and respect your uniqueness.


As a human being, no one is perfect, so it is not wise to seek perfection. If you do not think yourself attractive, intelligent, wealthy, you should make an effort to improve your look, enhance your knowledge and work hard to increase your bank balance but if you cannot then accept it. Take care of yourself and do not give up on you because to overcome self-hate, you should start accepting and loving yourself in totality with all your positivity and negativity.

Hence, do not give power to negative thought by blaming yourself all the time and create more negativity into your life. When you continue to blame negativity, you automatically give control of your life to negative aspects and thus set yourself up to be a lifelong victim. Remind yourself that you have all the inner strength to lift yourself out of the trial and tribulations of life no matter how much severe it is. By self-hate you are not going to solve the problem of your life because hate does not have the power to solve any problems. If you want to make your life worthwhile to live, you should let your heart be filled with self-love and strive to empower your self-love overcome self-hatred.