How To Overcome Selfishness

Personal Growth

The secret of true happiness lies in having a healthy relationship with your loved ones, in your surroundings, and other people at large. You cannot live your life all alone; in every stage of your life you need people to move forward in life and make progress. While being with others you have to be concerned not only about yourself, but also others to maintain a healthy relationship.

However, there is nothing wrong with being a little bit selfish because by nature almost everyone is selfish in some way. However, being concerned about yourself only even at the cost of someone interests, then you would not only ruin your relationships but it would also make your life painful. The biggest drawback of being selfish is that you cannot expect anyone to help you out in your times of need.

Although selflessness in a true sense does not exist because there is always something to gain in return from generosity even if it is a sense of feeling good about ourselves. But putting your interest in front of everyone all the time is not good, even for yourself in the long run. So if you consider yourself selfish and do things that ruin your relationship, then you need to address it. Here are some of the ways that you may find it useful to overcome selfishness:


Always keep in mind that as you are unique and so is everyone else. As a human being, no one is perfect because everyone's knowledge is limited. You may have sound knowledge and expertise in certain areas but cannot be expert in every field and this is true to others as well. To expand yourself, you need to share your knowledge with others in order to learn some valuable lessons from them as well. So you should respect others instead of showing your importance all the time.


Often the cause of selfishness in people is fear of the unknown. People generally fear that what will happen in future, how they will deal with future problems, what others will think about them and that in turn propel them to be selfish; acquire more and more to protect themselves. However the truth is that the fear of the unknown is self-generated based on illusion and once you understand the reality you would stop doing things under the grip of selfishness.


Keeping in touch with your near and dear ones on a regular basis strengthens the bond of relationship. Although it seems simple tips which most of the people neglect, but it is the most powerful to increase the level of happiness and reduce the impact of suffering. By being in touch with your loved ones and sharing pleasure and pain with each other, you would reduce your feeling of selfishness.


Sharing is the antidote of selfishness. Learn to have a feeling of abundance regardless of what it is. Keep in mind that anything more than what you need is a waste and sharing that with other people help you to build healthy relationships. Even the sharing of knowledge with others helps you to take your understanding to the next knowledge. By sharing you would not only improve the lifestyle of others, but your own as well.

Hence, in this competitive world sometimes it is good to be selfish to get your job done smoothly and early, but this is not accepted in every situation and all the time for enjoying life in totality. That is why; you should strive to be somewhere in between selfishness and selflessness; maintaining a moderation in between selfishness and selflessness is a good way of living life worthwhile. So to live a happy and enriching life, if you think you always put your interest first at another person's welfare, you should overcome selfishness.