How To Overcome Shyness

Personal Growth

Shyness is normal to some extent and most of the people suffer from shyness at some stage of their life. There is nothing wrong with shyness when it is mild and does not affect your social life, but the moment it becomes serious and you fear to come close to people most of time, you need to address them. Shyness can hold you back from doing most of the things in life which you really wanted to do, and not let you be the person who you truly are.

Breaking out from the shell of shyness does not happen overnight. It takes time, persistent effort, and unflinching desire to overcome shyness. You have to take small step to overcome shyness and over the period of time you would get rid of it. Although the way to overcome shyness is more individualistic, here are a few tips that you may find it helpful to overcome shyness and be confident enough to do whatever you like to do in life:


In order to overcome shyness, it is essential to accept yourself in totality, feel good about yourself, and be confident and comfortable with yourself. If there is certain aspect of things in yourself that you do not like, change them. There would also be something like complexion, height and of the same that you do not like about yourself and you cannot change, then learn to accept them and do not feel embarrassed about that. Always make sure that you like yourself and are comfortable with yourself.

Being comfortable with oneself is the surest way to get people like you because you exhibit an aura of confidence and no longer be worried about what others are thinking about you. To increase your confidence level, make sure to spend more time with more people and meet new people and talk about things you know very well. If you try to meet people you have things in common with, it will make it easier to talk to them. People like originality and love to flock to confident people. So develop self-confidence and be comfortable with yourself so that shyness becomes the things of the past.


Shyness is a mindset and you need to change this mindset to overcome it. It takes a little bit of courage to force yourself to start the conversation with someone and then everything will fall in place. It is your 30 second of courage to say hi or give complements to someone that enables you to get to know others and if you keep on practicing this over a period of time you would become confident.

Be assertive, take initiative and be ready to face the worst thing that could happen. Be sure, worse could not be more embarrassing than the embarrassment you are facing due to your shyness so there is nothing to lose. The right way to overcome shyness is by talking more; the more you talk the more comfortable you will get with someone. Just like anything in life, the more you do, the more comfortable you get at it. So display courage and take initiative to talk to someone to get better with the passage of time and to overcome shyness.

Moreover, be courageous enough to laugh it off when you make a mistake and do not let the other people take advantage of you and leveled you as a shy. If someone makes fun of you, laugh it off, and make fun of them as well. There would be some people who try to make you feel insecure by pointing towards your demerits, do the same to them as well without being mean to them so that they do not walk all over you. At the end you will get appreciated by them as a true gentleman because you do not have any ill will, you are just protecting yourself from getting hurt.


It is not about how others perceive you, but how you see yourself matter the most in your life. People are free to form an opinion about you either good or bad. By no means, you are going to make them perceive you always in a good sense. It does not matter how hard you try, there would always be some people who think you are not good. So it is best to concentrate on how you see yourself. If you see yourself good, confident, people will follow and this is what really matter in life.

Often the part of the reason most of the people feel shy is because they think everyone is judging them, yet the fact is that most of the time they are not. Everyone is busy handling their own problems; they do not have much time to judge you all the time. After all, you are not alone to deal with shyness. You never know with whom you are afraid to be judged, they may be also suffering with shyness.

Hence, it is your determination to break the shackles of shyness enables you to get over it and make you an outgoing person. It all started with your decision to no longer be nervous of meeting new people and taking concrete action to overcome shyness. Once you start taking the initiative to overcome shyness, you would feel confident and get good response from others. So stop being self-absorbed and make an effort to overcome shyness to live life to the fullest.