The Happiness Formula

Personal Growth

The formula for happiness is not a secret entity; almost everyone knows about it. There is nothing new to say about the formula for happiness that you do not already know. The biggest irony is that even if people know the formula for happiness, their search is still going on until they stop looking for it in the outer world.

Take an example from your own life. You have already gone through the ups and downs of life and overcome many problems which you had thought at that period of time were impossible. The energy and power to overcome the problems of life are already with you.

In the present moment, even if the past experience of handling problems has increased the capability; most of the people feel helpless and tend to make their lives miserable when they have to handle problems. They postpone their happiness till they overcome their problems.

It is not the trial and tribulations of life but the choice that makes a person happy or unhappy. If you have problems in your life, either you can choose to have patience and realize that this too will go or be impatient and curse your life.

The choice to realize that the current problems are not going to remain with you forever, give you the reason to smile. On the other hand, if you choose to think that you are unlucky and are forced to face the problems, then it would make your life unhappy.

When the problems occur, you can take the help from deep breathing, physical exercise, or fake smile to turn your focus from negativity to positive one. You have all the energy, power, and experience at your disposal to handle the problems effectively.

You should have faith in your ability to tackle the present problems. Do not keep your focus on what you lack in order to tackle to challenges of life. It is not the weakness, but it is the strength that counts in life.

If you doubt your ability in the face of problems, you would be lost and that in turn make your life miserable. So have faith in your ability and handle the problems boldly. It is the faith that turns the situations in your favor and brings happiness in your life.

The ups and downs are part of life and that make the life interesting to live. In the face of ups and downs, it is the contentment that gives the reason to celebrate life. In other words, the golden rule for happiness is contentment that makes you happy in the present moment.

Hence, patience, faith, and contentment are the formula for happiness. Do not put conditions on your happiness and wait for the realization of certain goal. Surround yourself with positive people and be happy in the present moment. Life tests your level of patience, faith, and contentment in the path of its journey, and if it remains unshaken, you enable yourself to be happy in every situation.