How To Overcome Self Centeredness

Personal Growth

Being self-centered is very much natural human tendencies. Most of the people in this competitive world live in a state of self-centeredness. They are completely absorbed in themselves and think that the whole world revolves around them. Their ego does not allow them to see the reality of life that all human beings is as important as they themselves are and that in turn prohibit them from the experience of beautiful feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and zeal of life. That is why to enjoy life to the fullest; you should make an effort to overcome self-centeredness.

Self-centeredness up to a level is not harmful at all. There is nothing wrong by being self-centered to a certain degree in order to focus on your overall growth as an individual so that you would be able to contribute a lot to the society. After all the responsibility to make positive progress in life completely lies with you and in time of need, it is your strength that you would count the most. Only caring about others all the time at the cost of your own self-interest often proves to be a waste of time in the long run of life. However, your sense of self-centeredness should not base on your arrogant feelings, leaving no room for near and dear ones, competing with other people, trying to be better than someone, or making other people feel uncomfortable in your surroundings.

Often the cause of self-centeredness has been the feeling of inadequacy, fear of the unknown, and lack of self-confidence. The core driving force behind the attitude of self-centeredness is the desire for being acknowledged, be recognized, feel significant, and be great. The self-centered people tend to exhibit their greatness in their surroundings by beating their chest and because of that they do not live a truly contented life. The focal point of self-centered people is to be like someone they idolize, near and dear one tells them and because of that they constantly seek the opinion of others to get a stamp of approval, which are never ending cycle. As the self-centered people do not see outside of themselves, so they have very limited view of the world.

To overcome self-centeredness, you need to make an effort to get over arrogance and be open-minded to start learning and growing in order to truly grow in life. It is your humbleness and a sense of feeling grateful would pave the way to overcome self-centeredness and develop authentic relationships in your surroundings and mature as an individual. Make an effort to be self-sufficient so that you do not feel the need to display your greatness and hurt your relationship. Keep your focus on what you need to realize and work on it regularly; be it your professional milestone or a hobby that make you feel contented. Always keep in mind that the definition of your greatness should be based on your own liking, abilities rather than the popular opinion. Meditation can also help you to fast-paced your effort to overcome self-centeredness and occasionally putting the need of others before you goes a long way to overcome self-centeredness in life.

Hence, being self-centered has its own negative effects after a certain degree and ruins your relationship; make you vulnerable to discontentment over underachievement in life. The moment your being of self-centered attitude starts harming your relationships and make you feel incomplete, you need to address it. Accept the fact that no one is perfect in this world and everyone needs to make an effort throughout the life to live it to the fullest and there is no other way out. You can only make yourself fool with the futile attempt of thumping chest and showing your greatness due to your self-centeredness. So if you want to live a truly loving and contented life, you should make an effort to overcome self-centeredness.