How To Overcome Social Anxiety

Personal Growth

As a human being we cannot live altogether an isolated life, we are designed in such a way that our overall success and source of happiness depends while being in society. Whether we like it or not, but we have to build healthy relationship with other people in order to make our life worthwhile to live. The ability to make friends, maintain relationships, feel comfortable in public gatherings is the yardstick to be successful as a person.

Feeling nervous in social situations is very much normal to some degree and almost everyone feels shy in unfamiliar social situations, but they do not let it dictate terms in their life. The moment social anxiety starts to interfere with the normal everyday functioning; it creates troubles for the person and hampers their growth.

Social anxiety is overwhelming, long-lasting fear of social situations and it stems from the desire to be liked. It is a cultural condition that makes you look for validation in your surroundings. Most of the people suffer from the crippling social anxiety and because of that they live a mediocre life.

That is why, if social anxiety starts to interfere with your daily routine and hampers your growth, you need to address at the earliest in order to progress in life. Here are a few tips which help you to break you out of your social anxiety:

Let go of regrets

Life is all about moving forward; not over-analyzing whatever happens in the past. You cannot go back in life and undone what is already done. The only use of the past is to learn whatever lesson is has in store so that you cannot repeat the same mistakes in the present moment. You do not have to be smart all the time. If you have made mistakes in the past, do not carry the baggage of regret along with you and ruin your present moment.

Be nice to yourself

Most of the time, lack of self-esteem is the cause of social anxiety. Do not judge yourself critically all the time; accept and appreciate your flaws and strength equally. Sometimes switching your attention from yourself to others in social situations reduces your anxiety and boosts your self-esteem. Pamper yourself time and again, even on the smallest achievement you make to boost your self-confidence.

Trust your intelligence

Social anxiety is an inbuilt defense mechanism which job is to protect you from unfamiliar situations and you should make it work for you not against you. Apply your intelligence and do not let it hamper your progress in life if there is no life threatening danger.

Force yourself to social situations

It is tempting to avoid social situations, but if you really want to get over social anxiety you should force yourself initially to social situations no matter for how much small duration it may be. Although exposing yourself gradually to more and more social events may appear painful in starting, but it would go a long way to help you overcome social anxiety. You cannot get over social anxiety just by expecting it and no one is coming to rescue you out it, if you do not try by yourself.

Be Kind

Being kind to another person not only goes a long way to develop a healthy relationship, but also enable you to deal with worries and rejection which often work as a catalyst for social anxiety. That is why, if you want to overcome social anxiety, you should be kind and help others which make you less likely to avoid social situations and reduce your level of anxiety.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps you to vent out a lot of stress and release happy hormones, which will make you feel better, confident in social situations. There is a correlation between body and mind. If you physically feel healthy, you would mentally be healthy enough to face the challenges of life confidently.

Stop trying to be perfect

As a human being, you are not supposed to everything you say and act, does have to be perfect. Making mistakes is part and parcel of life. If the perfectionism is attached with social anxiety, then there is very less chance to get over it because you would be hesitate to take any step in the direction of overcoming your social anxiety. So try to do or act your best, but less than the perfect.

Seek support

You are not the only one who is facing social anxiety in your surroundings. Many people have already gone through this phase of life. There is no harm in taking support of your loved one, be it your family members, relatives or friends with whom you feel confident to share your thoughts. You never know a simple advice from someone can help you to overcome crippling social anxiety easily and early.

Reap the benefit of meditation

Meditation is a very powerful solution; not only to reduce anxiety in the moment but also improve your life. Initially, when the duration of meditation is low, you would not see its benefit, but over the period of time if you keep on practicing it on a daily basis you would feel its result in your life.

Consult therapist

Sometimes social anxiety can be severe; especially there is also depression, it is always better to seek outside help. If you feel you cannot get yourself out of social anxiety by yourself, you should consult a therapist, they would help you to get over social anxiety and lead a normal life.

To conclude, socially anxious people tend to have fewer close relationships and lose out the vital support in order to make overall progress in life. Always keep in mind that to get over the social anxiety takes time; you cannot get rid of its clutches overnight no matter how much you put in efforts. Be happy with the small progress you make in the direction of overcoming social anxiety and over the period of time your daily routine would not be affected by it.