How to Overcome Social Media Addiction

Personal Growth

Social media is a boon to the humanity in a sense that it enables us to search the information in no time, promote our business effectively with a very limited amount, and connect with far away friends, relatives, and acquaintances easily. People rely on the social media not only to connect with far away near and dear ones, but share their thoughts for validation and to get inspirations.

However, the drawback of social media is that most of the people tend to glue to their smart phone and share almost everything. Sometimes people share their personal and sensitive information as well without realizing that it may be misused by the miscreants.

The basic desire of human being is that everyone wants to be liked and because of that they generally share their best version online in order to be appreciated and get liked on their post. People slowly but surely become addicted to social media because of their feeling of being in the limelight. Now a day, social media addiction is one of the worst addictions prevailing in the world and is badly impacting the life of most of the people.

The addiction to social media occurs due to the desire of feeding pent up emotions. Social media satisfy the inbuilt desire to be heard in order to feel important or get sympathy which can be difficult in the real world. Sometimes people feel unable to distinguish between the real world and virtual world and become addicted to social media.

Social media addiction is almost everywhere and it is becoming a serious problem now a days. Obsession over likes, comments, share keeps people anxious all the time and that makes the people vulnerable. Due to social media addiction people cut off from the real world and make their life hell.

To overcome social media addiction is not an overnight process. If you feel you are addicted to it, do not worry, make a concrete plan to get over it and follow it persistently. Here are some of the tips which may help you to overcome a social media obsession easily and early:


Social media is good platform to connect with far away loved ones only if you have the control over it. Do not let it dictate terms in your life. Turn off the notification to have control over instead of letting them have control over you.


Figure out the social media account you generally do not use and delete them. By deleting unused social media account, you save yourself and your time as well from the unwanted presser of keeping them updated.


No matter how much you are in limelight of virtual world, and satisfaction you feel from likes, share, and comments does not matter in the real world. How much healthy relationship you are maintaining and respect you command in real life that only matters. So disconnect with social media for sometimes and connect with yourself to get a life.


Social media is very powerful tool. It is powerful enough to make the user lose their all sense of time and keep on scrolling and posting pictures and comments. However, the reality of life is that only the face-to-face connection with people matter in real life rather than virtual relationship.


If you spend more time on social media platform, you would not be able to give time to people who really matters in your life. So set a limit and reduce the amount of time you spend on social media platform. You should step by step develop a habit of spending more time in the real world with loved ones and start meeting with other people face to face at any place that appeal to you like a park, restaurant.


Social media designed in such a way that it provides the perfect avenue for the human mind which craves to be active all the time and often because of that it becomes addictive. If you want to get over a social media addiction, you should develop interesting hobbies so that whenever you get free time you keep yourself engaged rather than being on social media websites.


There is no need to keep you updated about everything at every minute. Who cares if you are not updated; it does not really matter in anyone's life and especially in your life as well. So change your mindset and stop caring about what others are doing. Occasionally take a break from social media to be with yourself for sometime.


Trolls are generally pretending to be well-wisher but try to upset you by their derogatory post. The moment you realize that you are feeding the trolls, hit the delete or un-follow button for your long-term well-being.


Human being is a creature of convenience. If you keep your device away, you delay the desire of checking status and slowly but surely start controlling your urge to check the status because keeping device away from you make it a task to retrieve your phone.


Do not waste your time on meaningless relationship with the people living far away to you. The relationship that matter to you is with your family member, relatives, colleague, and close friends. So instead of getting attracted by the casual relationship over social platform, develop healthy relationships in real world.

Finally, always keep in mind that social media is not altogether bad. If it is used in a disciple way it would enrich your life. Like, follow, share, comment can give you a feel-good factor for a certain period of time, but it would not make any difference in the long run and keep you happy forever. So, use social media judiciously to avoid being addicted to it and at the same time make it work for you not again it.