How to overcome superstition

Personal Growth

Superstitions are a natural way to associate our thoughts about the world around us in order to make sense of the unknown and gain some control over what happened in the world. A superstition survives on the false notion that if something is believed by the society for a very long time would be probably true. As the understanding of scientific aspects improved, most of the superstitions beliefs fade away with the passage of time. However, the superstitions beliefs which are attached with the emotional aspects of human beings and unavailability of accurate logic to counter it keeps on surviving even till now.

Life is full of unexpected challenges and because of that it is beautiful. The simple rule to live life to the fullest is to be mentally prepared to face the unexpected challenges of life boldly rather than being engaged in superstition activity to avoid unforeseen discomfort. At every stage of life, no matter how much you have planned for life, you always need to be ready to face unexpected twists and turns of life.

However, most of the people want to have command over what is going to happen and tries in vain some superstition activity to have control over it. Their superstition beliefs only give temporary relive to anxieties and worries about how they would cope with the uncertainty of life. Superstition is mean to believe in something without verifying it to be true. The superstitions beliefs can vary from person to person depending on their background and upbringing, but the reasons are the same. The most common superstitious actions are actively avoiding breaking mirror, number 13, black cats, or walking under ladders, and following all that brings good luck.

The biggest drawback of superstition beliefs is that people tend to transfer their responsibilities for success and failure to something outside themselves and that in turn held them back from increasing their strength and confidence. In other word, people who believe in superstition do not enjoy their success in totality as they give credit to something outside themselves and do not try to improve themselves if they encounter failure because they shift the blame to beliefs that bring bad luck. Superstitions lead a person to consider irrational ideas, like luck and destiny rather than sound decision and efforts.

The most effective way to overcome superstition is to take control of your life. As superstitious beliefs are prevailing in every part of society, the chances are your upbringing is motivated by some kind of superstitions. To get rid of superstitions beliefs, you need to realize that it affects your life adversely and prevent you from your in-depended thinking. Once you overcome superstitious beliefs, you would no longer worry about the uncertainty of life, enjoy greater confidence in yourself, and be motivated to make your life meaningful.

Hence, approach superstitions rationally and think positive to debunk your superstitions beliefs. Thinking positively enables you to get through the ups and downs of life confidently. Problems are a part of everyone’s life and you should be braves enough to face the adversaries in life boldly rather than sitting idle because of your superstition belief that it is the outcome of bad luck. If you firmly belief that something bad will happen due to your superstition, it would become self-fulfilling prophecies. On the matter how much your superstition support the occurrence of bad luck, but you think positive, you would exhibit positive vibes in order to attract favorable response and that in turn motivate you to overcome superstitions.