How to overcome suffering

Personal Growth

Pain and problems are vital part of life, but suffering is optional because our reaction towards pain and problems are under our control. If your body gets hurt, it is natural to feel the real sensation from neuron, but if you a consult specialist, you would recover faster and reduce the time of your suffering from hurts. As long as there is life, there is problems attached to it in order to overcome and move forward in life. Suffering from physical injury is unavoidable, we can only be positive to recover fast, but through our right reaction we can get over from external suffering.

As suffering is an emotional reaction in the presence of pain and problems which are attached to life, so in order to overcome suffering you should make something out of it. To overcome suffering in life you need to focus on how to deal with suffering and set a goal for joy in life rather than having an expectation to eliminate suffering from your life altogether.

Understand your suffering

Understanding the nature of your suffering with total clarity can solve half of your problems. If you understand clearly what make you suffer, you can figure out the ways to overcome the root cause of your problems. If you are going through physical suffering, you should see a doctor. For severe psychological problems, you should see a psychiatrist. There is always a chance to reduce your level of suffering provided you understand your suffering.

Live in present

Suffering is associated with the misuse of the free mind. We, human being, have the most powerful free mind. We have the liberty to think about past, future, or enjoy the present. Often our suffering is associated with mistakes of the past or uncertainty of future. Always keep in mind that brooding over the past or worrying about the future is a mere waste of valuable energy. Living in the present moment is a way to enjoy life in true sense and overcome suffering. So live in the present moment in order to use your energy for constructive purpose and reduce your suffering.

Stop attributing emotions

Being objective in life is a surest way to eliminate suffering in life. Do not attach your emotions to the events of life. Always keep in mind that whatever happens in life happens for us; not to us. So it is not wise to attach your emotion and take it personally. Take every situation in life as an experience rather that attributing emotions to it. If you take it personally, you would not able to face the problems of life appropriately and the chances are you worsen the situation by reacting under the grip of impulsive emotions. That is why you need to empower yourself by stepping back and look at the situation from a different point of view in order to handle them appropriately. Be sensible rather than being sensitive to overcome suffering.

Come out of the habit of expectations

Expectations are often considered the root cause of suffering. No matter how hard you try, your expectations in life cannot be completely fulfilled. It is human tendency to want more in life and expect from others. However, no one is going to come out as per your expectations and no matter how much you work hard there would be always something to be left unachieved. So come out of the habit of expectations from life and be grateful for what you have in order to reduce your suffering.

Develop a sense of detachment

Everything in life is in a state of change. Whatever material possession, relationship, or your physical looks you have, it is going to change in life. So you should not identify yourself with whatever you have at the present moments as it is not permanent in nature. In order to remove suffering, you should develop a sense of detachment in life because everything in in constant flux of change.

To conclude, we cannot remove suffering from our lives all together because this is a part of our lives meant to strengthen ourselves. Without suffering we cannot understand the value of joy in our lives. However, you should not accept the suffering as your destiny and try to get over it in order to live a joyful life. Living joyfully is your right so you should not let the suffering dictate terms in your life.