How To Overcome Infatuation

Personal Growth

In infatuation, your mind gets occupied by the thoughts for the person of the opposite person and you keep on creating an ideal image of them which may or may not be true. You would be so engrossed in the thought that you even feel hesitant to divulge yourself to them and your personal life and professional progress gets affected because of that.

Infatuation is an intense desire for a person due to instant attraction. Although you do not feel confident about the relationship when you are infatuated by someone, but you desire them the most in your life and keep your focus on how to get them like you, even if you do not find any positive signal from them.

Often infatuation does not lead to a long lasting relationship with depth because it makes the person weak to an extent that they does not feel confident to ask for a commitment or taking the relationship forward. That is why, it is wise to get over infatuation and look forward for a healthy relationship. Although it is easy to say but difficult to get rid of infatuation, but here are a few tips which you may find helpful to overcome infatuation:


Over attachment to a person is a hindrance to your peace of mind and when you are disturbed mentally, it would be really difficult for you to distinguish between right and wrong. So develop a sense of detachment with a person to whom you are infatuated about to not only maintain peace of mind, but also figure out the feasibility of relationship with them.


Infatuation is temporary in nature and it eventually fades away if does not gets fueled time and again. Distance yourself from the person for some time by moving away, ignoring them, or making a conscious effort and force yourself to not look at and think about them, you would find that you no longer feel infatuated with them over a period of time.


When you are infatuated with someone, you tend to always look at the positive side of them and negative aspects of your life. The other person looks perfect to you but that is not possible because as a human being everyone has some positive and some negative qualities. Try to look objectively to the person and see them in totality with all the positive and negative qualities to get over infatuations.


Keeping yourself engaged in interesting hobbies that you enjoy the most is the best option to replace the thought of a person with the experience of interesting hobbies. At the initial stage, you would find it hard to forget the person in totality, but over the period of time, you would get over the infatuation.

Hence, infatuation can make you feel anxious, nervous, jealous, impatient, frustrated, and you cannot imagine life without the person you are infatuated about but that is an illusion of your mind. Make a sincere effort to get over infatuation, life would be much better and you would enjoy the rewards of having a healthy relationship.

The chances are that you do not get success in your effort to get over infatuation at the initial stage, but do not give up, you would definitely succeed. So overcome infatuations to avoid unwanted severe suffering and to reap the rewards of other beautiful long lasting relationship.