How To Overcome Lust

Personal Growth

Lust is a natural feeling of human being and it is good in a sense that it often leads to love; where there are mutual respects for each partner; both seek contentment in their relationship and motivate each other to be a better person. However, when lust is based only on physical attraction and fantasy, then it is disturbing that need to be addressed otherwise it would start controlling your life and you later regret about it.

The human being has an inbuilt nature to lust and it is really hard to contain lustful feelings altogether for anyone. Although there is no problem with lust, it only creates upsetting experiences when it stars controlling the life. If lust does not lead you to love then it becomes selfish in nature and root cause of your other evil. That is why; the moment lust starts to disrupt your life, you need to get over it by the practice of self-control. Here are a few tips that you would find it useful to overcome lust:


The best way to control the feeling of lust is understand what triggers your lustful feelings and force yourself to avoid the same. The trigger could be anything in life, reading explicit content, watching porn movies and nude picture, or talking about voluptuous fantasy. Although it is difficult to avoid now a days because of exposure to internet, but if you would be able to avoid what triggers your lustful feelings, your desire does not get stimulated.


In order to control lustful feelings, it would be wise to keep yourself busy in some interesting and fruitful activities. If you do not have any specific hobbies, you can cultivate one based on your personality like reading, writing, traveling, cooking, cleaning, exercise and of the same. The trick is that if you do not have time to think about the person you have lust for, the feeling will gradually disappear.


The occurrence of lustful feeling is not in your control, but how you react to them is completely in your control. Whenever you have the lustful thoughts, make sure to weigh up the consequences and discard them. Suppressing the lust increases the intensity of feelings, but when you face it and process it in your mind to know the outcome, you would feel relieved.


Meditation is one of the great ways to control the feeling of lust and have a peace of mind. A simple form of meditation such as sitting either on the floor or chair with back straight and concentrating on your breath while taking it deeply enable you to have a control over your mind and effectively tackle the feeling of lust.

Hence, do not let the lust control your life and make you do things only to repent later on. Always keep in mind that you cannot eliminate the lust altogether from your life, you can only control it to the level that it does not become detrimental to your growth and happiness in life. Practicing self-control to handle lustful feeling is all about channeling the energies for a good purpose. So make a conscious effort to exercise self-control in order to overcome lust to live a respected and happy life.