Love Deeply

Personal Growth

A lovemaking relationship is an act of sharing sacredness of body and mind with the partner. It is very much important relations in almost everyone life. There are certain aspects of sacred that you do not want to share with anyone. These aspects, such as memories, weakness and of the same, are your private matter in your life, and you only want to share with the person whom you trust a lot and have a deep love for them.

It is very much natural for we, human being, that we do not want to open our heart in front of everyone and share our personal matters to each person we meet on the journey of our life. Having faith and trust for the person is essential to share deepest sacred of life and to have unwavering trust is to have deepest love for the person. That is why; if you want to have a great lovemaking relationship, you need to love your partner deeply.


Lovemaking is a revelation of privacy and because of that it is essential to be performed with trust worthy partner. An act of casual lovemaking just to get the momentarily pleasure leads a person to be open for lovemaking misconduct. When you approach someone just to satisfy your lovemaking desire without the willingness of that person or without having love for them then you are going to invite troubles in your life.

Lovemaking misconduct is a vice in the society. There are so many individuals in the society who has been the victim of lovemaking misbehavior. Even there are some teenagers that have lost their joy of childhood due to the lovemaking misconduct. They become the victim of someone who wanted to satisfy their lovemaking desire for the momentarily pleasure.

A casual approach to lovemaking makes the person feel insulted on a physical and mental level. Performing lovemaking activity without love is an abuse and makes the partner feel hurt and misused. Lovemaking is a mutual things, and it requires both partners to be ready and willing to do as an extension of their deep love for each other.

So if you want to have a healthy lovemaking life, you need to love your partner deeply, and at the same time you must avoid casual lovemaking with the partner for whom you do not have love in your heart. A lovemaking relationship is very important aspects of your life, and you should not go for it in a casual manner.


Deep love is essential to make the lovemaking relationship divine. Lovemaking is not a mindless activity. The energy of lovemaking has the potential to create new life and keep the races alive on this beautiful earth. A healthy lovemaking life between the couple is an integral part of their great relationship.

Lovemaking is not only a physical relationship but also a mental communion. It allows partners to bond emotionally and get to know each other better. Lovemaking relationship fosters closeness and helps couples to discover each other anew. With each passing moment, their love for each other keeps on multiplying.

There is great inter-relation between mind and body. Whatever happens to the body also happens to the mind and the vice versa. You cannot relish the pleasure of lovemaking activity with the person whom you do not like to be with and without deepest love for the partner; lovemaking is like wastage of vital energy of the body.

Deep love is not a trade. It is all about seeking the meaning of life in giving what one can for their lover in order to get fulfilled. Deep love has the orientation of giving with the reward of deeper satisfaction in lovemaking relationship.

Hence, deep love is the prerequisite to make lovemaking relationship an act of blessing. It allows the relationship to get stronger in the face of testing times and comes out of troubled situations comfortably and at the earliest. So have a deep love for the partner to have a great lovemaking relationship.