Best Quotes on Happiness

Personal Growth

Happiness is not conditional and biased.

The key to happiness lies in the attitude with which you react to the situations of life.

The ability to maintain clarity between thoughts and actions are also very much important to happiness.

Giving without any kind of expectations increases the power of giving and that in turn enhance the level of the happiness manifold.

Life is in spreading happiness. By giving, you align yourself with the natural dynamic law of give and take.

The so-called approach to delay the happiness for certain fixed goal is not good for people and even to their desired goals.

Do not make a condition for happiness and wait for the great occasions to celebrate and be happy.

Find happiness in every little thing and in every moment which life offers to you.

The ultimate share of happiness for everyone is the same, only the source to derive happiness is different.

The key to happiness is the happiness of others.