Letting Go Quotes

"It is the wise decision to let the loved one go if they do not feel love for you."

"To let the loved one go is not an easy task when you think that you cannot live without your lover."

"Letting go off memories is a step towards happy and enriching life."

"Unless you let the past go, you cannot move forward in life."

"Letting go off past is utmost importance to make your mind clutter free so that you can live a healthy and happy life."

"The need for letting go of something, someone or certain situations arise due to unduly attachment to them."

"If you want to make your life happy and enriching, you need to let your past go as soon as possible."

"To let the unpleasant memories of the past go, you need to realize that life is all about learning and moving forward."

"You need to train your mind to discard past memories as soon as their role in your life comes to an end. You cannot get anything concrete by holding on to it."

"Letting to off the memories is a step towards living life in totality. So learn to let the past go to enjoy the beauty of life."

"Life is a journey, and we are all destined to travel to this journey with so many people at different stage of life."

"The joy of life never ends when you maintain healthy relationships with your near and dear ones."

"Reactions are impulsive; responses are well thought of, do not ruin your relations by impulsive reactions and make situation even more difficult."

"Often, you will find the weight of love is much higher than the hate of a person. Take the care, love and affection of a person into consideration before making your reaction."

"It is common for most people to point fingers at family, friends or spouse for all their miseries. The blame game habit shows the inability to take the responsibility for one's miseries."

"A person generally tends to associate with like-minded people."

"Your company exerts a great impact on your mind. Sooner or later your temperament and behavior become what your friends are."

"Break up is painful but it is completely your own choice to suffer or not."

"Every relationship comes along with expiry date, but the good thing is that when one relation comes to an end another one crops us to fill the gap in some way."

"To get over break up, you need to move forward with positive bent of mind and choose not to suffer despite the feeling of pain."

"Difficult people are all around the world. You cannot avoid them always. Take difficult people as an opportunity to strengthen your patience. Greet them nicely and carry on with your work."

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