Personal Growth

Personal growth is about being your better self not a perfect one.

Personal Growth, in other words, means respecting your own individuality.

Personal growth cannot be achieved without going out of your comfort zone.

Imitation implies that you have lost your dignity, and you do not like something about yourself.

To identify ourselves with our inner soul can make us remain ever happy.

Setting goal is a powerful tool for turning your dream into a reality.

The root cause of inferiority complex is a comparison with others.

To empower yourself is to give you the power to take control of your destiny.

If you are living a life of mediocrity, then you have to re-discover your purpose in life irrespective of your age and whatever situations and circumstances you are in.

Success and failure cannot be separated with each other. So where there is one, another is bound to be there. Your past failure does not guarantee that you will fail in future also.

Self-confidence motivates a person to move ahead and accept challenges, unfazed by setbacks.

Self-respect is essential to live life with dignity and integrity.

Never sit idle and let the destiny dictate terms for you. So go ahead, write your own destiny and live life to the fullest.

The opportunity to improve your life is available with you all the time.

Life has their own unique way to throw opportunity and challenge the intellect of the person.

The success of your life depends mostly on attitude through which you handle the situations.

Life is very precious and the opportunity to make it big is being lost with each passing unproductive second. So break free from the routines and work little more to be successful in life.

According to the law of nature, the collective potential of everyone is the same, but no two persons have exactly the same talents. So there is no scope of true caparison left in life.

Life is a gift to cherish. Figure out your own gifted talent and make the best use of it.

Failure is meant to help you to find success in life.

Success begins in the mind. Being positive or negative about success is very dominating factors that set the direction of your actions.

Everyone is unique in their own aspect. No two persons can have equally the same talent. So it is not wise to compete with others.

Having a defined goal gives direction to life.

In order to be truly successful in life, you need to stand by your core values, which define your own individuality.

Success is enjoyed by those people who do not compromise with their values.

Success does not come easily. If you want to translate your desire into reality, then you have to work for it and make failure lead you to success.

To walk down to the path to personal growth and development, it is utmost importance to understand your real self; your strength as well as your weaknesses.

Life is a mystery and living gracefully is the only way to solve the mystery of life.

Never ever try to wish away your present in the hope of a better future; which is a distant dream and that do not have guaranteed to come true. Live in the present moment and enjoy your life to make it enriching.

The secret of a happy life is taking responsibility to create it. Dare to go out of your comfort zone and face the present with confidence to create life as you want to be without having any kind of regret about past and fear for future.

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