Avoid Love Addiction

Personal Growth

Love is what we 'human being' live for because it is the only powerful force that sustains life and makes it enjoyable. Love is the reason that makes us move towards someone to find our sense of belonging. It is the basic nature of human being of giving and feeling love that is responsible for the existence of relationships and society at large. Love depends upon a willingness to compromise and sacrifice some part of life for the good of others.

Love plays a greater role in development of your personality like nothing else in this world. Having someone to love you make you confident of tackling ups and downs of life situations boldly and gives you a sense of security to release fear and negativity. In this way, love is very important to your overall well-being. Love has the extreme power that gives deeper meaning to everything.

Love is a relationship between people of mutual understanding, trust and respect. Love thrives on the practice of giving everything of oneself instead of asking. But when a person identifies themselves with love and has high expectations from their partner then the most probable chances are that they lose trust in relationship because of their own fear of losing a relationship. Once the trust is lost, love is lost and people become love addicted to love because they do not think the existence of life without their partner.


Love addiction is a continuous process to forms of an attachment to another person at the cost of losing own self-respect to get emotional need met in order to avoid loneliness and have a sense of security. At the core of love addiction is the loss of self-worth. Love addicted person uses their self-esteem as a coin to trade for love.


There are many signs of love addiction. To rate your selves on the scale of love addiction for taking precautionary action, here are vital signs of love addiction:

* Lack of trust in a relationship
* Fall in love very easily and too quickly
* Being dependent on others for happiness
* Staying in bad relationship
* Having doubted in committed relationship
* Having high expectations from partner
* Taking time out after a break up
* Want to control relationship
* Not able to stand being alone
* Feel inadequate if not in relationship
* Feel powerless in love
* Tolerate misbehavior


The moment you feel you are being addicted to love; you need to avoid it and do not let it create worst situations for you. Here are few tips, which may help you to avoid love addiction taking an ugly turn:

1. Always keep in mind that taking steps to avoid love addiction is in itself giving high regards to your partner and your relationships as well, no matter your relationships going to thrive or not. There are lots of other factors which define the fate of relationships, but at the end you will have no regrets and become the emotionally stronger person than you ever have been.

2. The sign of love addiction is an opportunity to change your lifestyle. To change your lifestyle, you need to analyze your actions and behavior to figure out your own mistakes and ask for forgiveness from your partner to unburden your heart and to avoid making mistakes again in the future. By doing this you will not only give respect to your partner to feel good about them but also strengthen the bond of your relationships.

3. Learn to respect your partner by treating them with kindness and dignity. Differences are bound to happen in relationships because no two persons are exactly the same and being able to compromise on things you disagree about make them feel valued, and they will reciprocate the same. So, to enjoy long lasting relationship, control your emotions and let your partner enjoy their own space with dignity for their personal development.

4. Make an effort to build your self-esteem to love yourself. If you make your self-worth dependent on your partner, you would never be capable of self-love, and you will always remain frustrated because of the never-ending cycle of the feeling void. The ability to accept, respect and love yourself in totality helps you to avoid love addiction because you will no longer be dependent on the external world to get your emotional needs met. So love yourself to be a better version of self.

Hence, avoiding love addiction is a sign of mental maturity and that in turn strengthen the bond of your relationships. By avoiding love addiction, you will not only honor yourself but also encourage your partner to reach their full potential. So avoid love addiction to enjoy life and have a healthy relationship.